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Impulse Control from my 6 year old ADHD Son

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Hi All, I am new to the community but it has been so helpful. My son was diagnosed with ADHD just last month and now that I am reading more and more about it I am understanding him a lot better. He is currently not on medicine but we most likely will start him on something in March. I have noticed he makes rash decisions and doesn't take into consideration how others will feel, I first thought it was a youngest child thing or the fact that he is 6 but now I know better. Will medicine help this? What can help this? I think his ADHD has limited him on making and keeping friends and I want to help him to the best of my ability.


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I was in the same place when I learned of my daughters diagnosis. I wasn’t aware what it was so I did a lot of research on-line and educated myself. I had your same concerns. My daughter still has problems with making friends though we now have a “tool-kit” in place for her. (1) 504 plan at her school. (2) counseling (we were fortunate and she has a counselor who has ADD and understands). (3) medication. My daughter, now 12, says the medication helps her when she is in school. It wears off as the day goes on so we don’t have too many issues with her falling asleep at night.

I also recently got my son unofficial diagnose . Then i decided for medicine because i felt his impulsive or rushing behaviour quite often not all the times .

Which mediicine you are giving to your daughter please share.

I just started risperidone few month back see liittle improve ment .But i have heard risp.. have side effects with boys .

My son is slow in studies especially maths easily come in pressure and feels nervous, but in english he is quite better.

He got inclusin class this year in first grade . Also please tell me should i send him for tutoring in maths . he is 6 and half years old. I feel so depress sometimes what is his future.

My son is sometimes shy and rruns alot in home when nothing to do but this running complain i havent get from school.

Thank you so much for your reply. We are right on that same path. We will be starting Vyvanse shortly and just put a 504 plan in place right before the Christmas break. I just wasn't sure about the counseling, the person that was recommended to us does not take insurance so I wanted to see if other moms and dads were doing. Thanks again.

I think i am in same boat newly get my 6year old diagnose in my native country .

But i am confuse in usa how things work .Where should i go first or i should tell the school to test my son for adhd 0r i should go to doctor ??

Becausehere in usa school give him iep for mild to moderate disability not the adhd .

Hi! My heart sweet was diagnosed at age 5 in between Pre-K and Kindergarten. She can display hyperactivity (run, run, run, jump, spin and twirl), loud talking/singing, impulsiveness and be a space invader. We went the "everything but medication" route first and this was such an emotional and difficult time. She is 6.5 and is now in 1st grade. We started medication right before her 6th birthday. I suggest you consider genetic testing to aid you in identifying the medications that will metabolize the best for your child. The medication trial and error path is also very emotional and can cause lots of guilt (even though it should not). Genetic testing was helpful to us to know which medications would metabolize the best so she is not over-medicated on a medication that is not as helpful due to how she metabolizes it. I hope this is helpful and I wish you all the best!

I felt the same way when my son was first diagnosed at 4 1/2 . He started meds at 5, I was in denial and very sad. I also wondered why me, and for a year in a half my son would get in trouble everyday in daycare and the half of his kindergarten year. Once he started taking meds I never had any issues out of him again. He does very well in school and he is a very loving child. It just hurts me cause he just can't stay focus sometimes even with the meds and he does need accommodations at school. Most of it is just being excited about finishing first and rushing. I love my SO much and he amazes me sometimes with the things he does. He has come a very long way but the journey continues. He has an awesome doctor 👨‍⚕️ that helps us along the way

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Dear lyn an all sweet parents i think its my own boy story. We were in denial too .

My boys have the case of runing jumping in the home but i thank to God he remain quite ok in public .

I think its a long journey .

I also scheduled the genetic testing but then i camcelled i was so scared what they will do .

But now again i will go to child development doctor to get him test in usa .

Please i need your prqyers as well . love for all kids

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Yes you have my prayers!! 🙏🏾 Please pray for me and my son too!! Sometimes I think I wear my self out and it can take a toll on me and my marriage. I feel SO alone sometimes, cause I am the only one in the house that is fighting for my son and tries my best to understand what ADHD is and how to understand him.

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Aww Thankyou !

Yes we all face sometimes this feeling like we are alone, like in my case hubby busy in work all time i know itts his job but i have to keep myself composed and concentrate on my son as my hubby says he will be ok dn worry .

But me being a mother think too much what will be future . But I think we should concentrate more on what we can do than feeling down .

My son also have problem in making friends also in neighbours he have no children to play .

Family also lives far away.

he is 6 and half and only he play with his lilttle bro that is 5 and half.

I feel that after snow go away i will take him to library events to get lil social because sometimes other parents dont let their kids play with adhd kids due to impulsiveness 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 There must be some help

I feel really sad for you and your son, but having his brother is always a good start. You are not alone ha11

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ha11 in reply to baba8

Thankss yea i thank God make him not alone and his brother is his true friend . Pray for my son too that he never get worse but progress amen

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