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ADHD Weekly -- Why Look for Complementary Approaches?

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Why do some people seek alternative treatments for ADHD? CHADD’s resident expert says they might be unhappy with standard options or want something that reflects their values. The good news is there are complementary approaches that can be helpful.

Read what an expert on complementary appoarches thinks are helpful for some people with ADHD in "Why Look for Complementary Approaches?" at

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Thanks so much for this information. As a parent we always second guess the choices we make for our children, especially when it comes to medication for our children. It was great to learn this "Supplementing with micronutrients

This is still being studied and there are several micronutrients that could provide improvements regarding emotional dysregulation and inattention for children and adults, but no improvement on hyperactivity" from the article, we feel it is important for us son to not be hyperactive so we continue our current treatment.

As our son gets older he is better able to control his actions as at when all medication wears off.

Thanks again..

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