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Looking for tips on Yoga for ADHD

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Hi My 11 year old daughter's school changed the PE class to a yoga class. My daughter has ADHD and is getting in trouble in the yoga class for being disruptive and talking. the teacher has singled her out, and moved her up to the front of the class. and sent me an email saying if she gets 3 zero she will fail the class. I've read several articles on the benefits of yoga for children with ADHD, but how do you get them to start yoga. I'm trying to find some advice, Since she already has a hard time focusing, and they took away regular PE where she could run around and release energy, she's unable to sit still in a yoga class. Is there certain yoga techniques that a yoga instructor should be using to engage children with ADHD. Any advice would be helpful? thank you

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I don't know whether this is an ADHD thing or just a unique-to-me thing, but I have extremely low kinesthetic intelligence. I was always the last one to learn a new dance step, and I always forgot the dance five minutes after the performance. If your daughter is like that, she probably hates yoga class.

I learned yoga by paying for a few individual sessions. Absolutely nothing else worked, I needed the individual instruction at my own extremely slow pace to learn to do the poses correctly.

Also and most importantly, yes, yoga can help ADHD kids learn to calm their minds, but at 11, she really needs that active time during the day. Is it possible for her to be moved to another gym class where she can get the activity she needs? Without it, her grades could start to slip in other classes, too.

Thank you for your help the yoga is new, prior to this year, the school offered PE twice a week, but this year they changed the PE to wellness/mindfulness.

I think that yoga has the potential to be great for adhd children. My son did a community yoga class for kids about a year ago and got lucky that the dozen are so kids in it were all pretty energetic and the instructor was well trained for it. Unfortunately she moved shortly after the course and I can't find any centers that offer childrens classes. I have done yoga on my own for about 6 months and have learned that what is good for me (awakening energy) isn't good for him without an expert.

We do some online videos together occasionally, just searching "kids yoga" , and I have him meditate with me a few times a week. He was seeing a chinese accupuncturist over the summer (hasn't been back for a couple months because all these things are adding up $), the acupuncturist always told my som he needs to meditate everyday, starting at 4 minutes, and he needs to start doing ti chi, yoga, or similar. So that is where meditating together started.

The PE class she is in, does she go to a public school, or a school that receives any federal funding? If so, look at getting her on a 504 plan. With that and a dignosed condition like adhd, the teacher cannot fail her due to her challenges and must do things descreetly to help your daughter succeed with her education. Like my son typically sits in the back of classrooms where his activities are least noticed.

If you can find yoga for kids in your area I would highly recommend it. I know there are even organizations I have seen from online articles that specialize in helping adhd kids...just non that I have found in my area.

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Thank you, she goes to a private school, but she does have a 504 plan, that the school has a copy of, and have implemented the accommodations in the classrooms. Prior to this year the school offered PE twice a week, and the PE was move of a structured recess/gym games. this year they changed it to wellness/mindfulness and they are teaching yoga and doing exercises, with a new teacher and she has a no talking policy for the class, so she can not release any energy in the class. I may try to reach out to a yoga instructor that specializing in helping in ADHD and see if she can give me some advice that I can share with the yoga instructor at school.

Hi!!!! Omg- Yoga is amazing!!!!! I love it!!!

But, should not be forced upon an 11 year old with ADHD, (or really any 11 year old) but instead introduced to her and implemented over time. I'm positive she will eventually find comfort in Yoga, but the threats of the teacher are out of line and unreasonable. Cut and paste her reply or copy the note she sent you and write a very kindly-professionally worded email response to her and copy the Principal and her counselor. She must be in middle school at 11? Is there an IEP or 504 in place for her ADHD ? If so, request they immediately implement an accommodation to the IEP / 504 allowing your daughter time to move freely during PE and be excused from "conforming" to the PE teacher's curriculum, which you may want to request a copy of the data allowing her to implement a "structured pass/fail Yoga class to 11 year olds. I've never heard of such a thing. I admire the concept of Yoga being taught in schools, they should add Mindfulness as well, but not all kids can conform to Yoga at these ages and especially ADD/ADHD kids. Definitely consider teaching your daughter about YOGA and the health/mind/body benefits it gives us. This may help her see value in putting forth effort on her own to participate and be a good yoga student. Good Luck with that!

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