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ADHD Weekly -- New Device May Decrease Symptoms Without Medication


Have you hear about the new device that may treatment mild to moderated ADHD symptoms? It was recently approved by the FDA for children. We talked with CHADD's resident science expert about the possible effectiveness of the new device.

Read "New Device May Decrease Symptoms Without Medication" at to learn more about it. Would your family be interested in trying a device like this for treating ADHD symptoms?

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I was curious about this and wondered why the photo shows what looks like a young adult if it is intended for children. I wonder if they are also working on it for adults?

KarenADHDWeeklyAdministrator in reply to Kroner

The device has been approved for 6-12 year olds. Unfortunately the only only picture the company has of the actual device is of a young man.

It is reasonable to think there will be future studies and the device, or one similar, will eventually be made available for adults. The company's website may have more information on its future plans.




I would love my 10yr old daughter to test this out! She is mild-to-moderate ADHD on multiple meds to help with anxiety and headaches as well.

I am interested in participation in this as well. 6 y/o ADHD combined type & ODD.

I am interested for my 11 yo son. He could not tolerate 2 med trials-

I am interested in this for my 10 yr old. We need this ASAP!

My son 11 year old has ADHD and significant anxiety/OCD issues. He has not been able to tolerate multiple stimulants or wellbutrin due to various significant side effects. He struggles with middle school, especially home work, without the aid of stimulants. Definitely would be interesting in learning more about this device, its availability and post-FDA approval real world experiences of people whose kids have tried it.

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