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My 14 year old son got diagnosed with ADHD last year. He not hyper but rather sluggish but the attention deficit is high with high un-organizational stills and unable to find, remember homework etc.. He is in a small private Catholic school who not only does not understand ADHD, makes no attempts to understand it. If he was not in the 8th grade, I would have pulled him out. Anyway, after 3 detentions for not turning in homework, they make them serve an in school suspension which I want to fight. This is a ridiculous punishment. I want him to be accountable as he has to figure out a way to remember his homework BUT this in not the answer. Any advice on how I can stop the school on this. Unfortunately this school is not known for its ability to handle kids with disabilities.

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This is hard. Our son is 7 and has ADHD combined type. He goes to a catholic school as well. Unfortunately teachers in general are not highly educated on this diagnosis.. you are momma/daddy bear, and you know what is best. If I were in your shoes, I would schedule a conference with his teacher and principal and ‘school’ them on the diagnosis and maybe make goals for him to accomplish versus a detention that will no doubt not only teach him nothing but will further ridicule him for things he cannot help.

Please read the parental rights of IDEA in which its said that its not compulsary for kids with disabilities to follow the school curriculum

Sometimes school administrators don't listen to us as parents when we try to educate them about how to help our children with ADHD. If you have any advocates in your area who could come meet with your adminstrators that could make all the difference in the world. In Utah we have the Utah Parent Center. But if your child has a therapist, you could ask your therapist to come and meet with them or even ask your child's physician to write a letter.

Check school district policies as well for what qualifies for school suspension and call the school out for this extreme application of the in-school suspension. When we know what our child's rights are and stand up for them we're better equipped to handle schools and administrators. Good luck.

Does he have a 504? He still has rights. I have a 14 year old who can't remember to do homework, turn it in, etc. He is allowed to turn things in late (a day or so) or they can give it to him early so he can turn it in on time. Things take longer since his executive function does not work like other 14 year olds. Large projects are difficult - they can't break them down into the smaller parts themselves and need help doing that. He needs to write his homework on 1 piece of paper and keep it in a 2 pocket folder. When done, it goes back in there. He is supposed to take it out each class, open it and see if there is anything to turn in - he still forgets sometimes. It's the repetitiveness that kind of helps. Teachers should realize he may need to be reminded to turn something in at the end of class as well or to put his name on it. My son just recently got added to his 504 that he can clarify his written answers verbally which helps him get a better grade - he writes but not enough and he also answers only part of the question - typical for ADHD kids.

Detention for and ADHD child is unfair and not helpful at all. They would be better off having him stay after school for extra help or homework club if they have it.

Good luck!

Does he have an IEP?

ICall the Utah parents center. They will give you direction. Does he have an IEP? If he does after he has been suspended 10 times You can call the disability law center .

IDEA law says the school can suspend him 10 times then they have to provide education for him in a different setting. After 10 suspensions You need to ask the school to hold a manifestation determination meeting. But you must have an IEP for your boy! This law protects his educational rights!

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