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4 year old son - I think he may have ADHD

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Hello everyone,

My son is 4, he hasn't been officially diagnosed with ADHD but I'm confident that he has it. I am 30 years old and suffer from pretty severe ADHD myself, I was diagnosed around his age as a child.

I see myself in him every single day and I just want to make sure I do everything right for him; my parents medicated me and left it at that. Now I'm 30 and deal with daily struggles because of my own ADHD.

Has anyone done the Parent Training on the CHADD site, or any of the others? If so, please let me know what which one is best and if it's actually helpful :)

I have a feeling we are all going to get to know eachother pretty well :)

Thank you!

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I have not tried the CHADD courses, but am definitely interested. Parent management training is one of the best behavioral options in treating ADHD, especially when combined with medication (though 4 may be young) & school / home accommodations.

I’m not sure if these compare, but in he meantime here are resources I have found helpful in working with my son. (I get the books from the library to my ereader or even audiobook for work commutes.) The first three can also work for neurotypical children.

‘1-2-3 Magic’ by Dr. Thomas Phelan

‘Smart But Scattered’ by Peg Dawson

Adapting this list of accommodations for home as well as school: russellbarkley.org/factshee...

Also this video by Barkley (and pretty much anything by Russell Barkley):


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Thank you so much!!! You rock!

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You are very welcome!

Maybe they have changed, I was never happy with CHADD. I agree with rckline those are all excellent resources. The only other place where I have found help is the HelpGuide.org

They have many resources all the time. The many reason liked them is they helped with the school and with my own ADHD. My doctor also recommended Ti Chi or some other form of martial art. I looked for ones that focused on the concentration element and not the martial art part. If this interests you, it might be a good idea to go to places that allow you to audit a class. Some of the places focus on fighting while others are more about learning to stay focused. I hope this helps.

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