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Medication for 16 year old with ADHD


Hi All,

My son is 16 and has combination type ADHD. He takes small dose of Dyanavel each morning. It works well for him but wears off by 2pm. Giving him a larger dose is not the answer because he metabolizes very quickly, and feels shaky if I give him more. He does NOT like to take medication to begin with because there are a few side effects- slightly irritable and loss of appetite, but overall Dyanavel has worked well for him. What can I do about the rest of the day as far as focusing and homework? Our pediatrician is very against a fast-acting booster but I think she will agree if I insist. He is 16 and has work to do after school. I am actually thinking about a medication that is not an amphetamine- Strattera? Something like that because my son doesn't like taking ADHD meds to begin with. Anyone else in this situation? I would love some advice.


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We are currently on a trial of Strattera. So far, no side effects 👍

However, results take time to show. At least 4-6 weeks.

Thanks for posting this to the group, I am sure there are many families that have this issue.

We have an AM dose at 7:30am which is long acting so it is smaller amounts throughout the day. Then we give him a second dose ( same medication) that last until bed time. We give this at 1pm. It just extends the coverage so that he doesn't have a wearing off until bedtime. Many kids are slightly irritable when coming off the medication. If you extend the mediation he might not feel that way at night time.

It is understandable that his Pediatrician is worried about different types of medication. It is recommended that you have him see a child psychiatrist who can manage and recommend appropriate doses and times. They specialize in medication management because their. primary focus his mental health.

It's great he has found success with the medication he is on now.

Good luck

ty! I considered a second dose in the early afternoon, but it's a liquid medication so he'd have to go to the nurse which I know is just another hurdle that will shoot this down. But it's a good recommendation. ty!

It would be great if you can get him to swallow pills and then move him away from liquid.

But this is one of the best solutions.

No, he can swallow pills! (Im laughing). Dyanavel only comes in liquid. It's the medicine that works best for him so we stay with it. Thank you for caring enough to respond. I appreciate it. I'm thinking of getting him to take some Dyanavel with him to school, and take another small dose during lunch. He just doesn't like to take the medicine so Im not optimistic that he will do this. He thinks he's FINE without it.

Wondering how long you think it last? Just schedule it so it has enough coverage in the evening time.

Glad he can swallow pills. I'm surprised it can be "compounded" to be pill form.

Good luck

Now that he's in high school he really needs coverage from 8:30 til 7pm. Dyanavel is supposed to last longer than most meds but he absorbs really fast. I think the best option would be to take another dose around 1:30. I just can't rely on him to do that. He's immature enough to still think he's fine without it. And he just is NOT. I am anxious for him to mature and take more control of this. When he's not on medication he really zones out and misses so much learning.

I agree %100 most kids need coverage during those times and one they mature they might make a different choice.

Same with our son, it wears off about 2pm so we give him the second dose at 1:30pm. That way there is no gap in medication.

We would never trust our son to take medication on his own.


My 17 year old takes 20 mg Vyvanse in the morning and a small 5 mg dose of Adderall around 4 pm to help with after school studying and part time job.

Just curious is it a pill or liquid?

Both are pills

willandgrace in reply to kaf2022


willandgrace in reply to kaf2022

Hello- Im curious what your 17 year old thinks about the Adderall compared to the Vyvanse. I mean- do they feel differently- etc.?

kaf2022 in reply to willandgrace

Honestly he says he can’t even tell that he’s had either medicine - maybe because the dose is so low.

willandgrace in reply to kaf2022

yes- they are very low doses- although my son felt .25 of Vyvanse. I was thinking of trying .10 of Adderall for after school. ty

Neither appears to be affecting my son negatively, but I’m not sure if he benefits either. Sometimes he says it helps a little. He is decently stable and does ok most of the time, but has only been in school a few weeks.

He can’t have the same meds at 2??? My son is a fast metabolizer to and ge takes two small doses a day

he absolutely can, and I think that would be best except it's a liquid medication so that makes it difficult for him to take it while at school (he can't just pop a pill during lunch). also, I just wanted to hear what other people are doing. What medication does your son take? How old is he and what is his dosage? Mine is 16 and he takes 2.5 ml of dyanavel before he goes to school. It wears off by 1 or 2:00

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