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Frustrated parent of a teen


My daughter, now almost 18, has always been an extremely busy child. She could stay on task, get homework done, but did not like sitting still to read, etc.

Her busyness has increased to the point where she does not know how to really just stay home and relax. This coupled with skipping classes she feels as boring, feeling like when she is 18 she can take on the world, and lack of focus on herself and what SHE really needs and wants, not her friend's needs, has left my husband and I pulling our hair out. She is on prozac, but ritalyn, adaral, and sattera (not spelling correctly) have not had any effect.

Any help is appreciated!

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I just took my daughter off Concerta but trying yet another mef could help. Also , how about an executive function/life coach & then eventually a true career counselor. (More money!) But maybe worth a try. Also, hearing things from someone else may help & take the burden off of you if you can get her to try.

I was like that at 18 except I was diagnosed with ADHD until 22.

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