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Wish I knew what to do


My son has severe ADHD and has since he was 4. I know it is controversial treated a four yeAr old but our therapist, pediatrician and psychiatrists felt I had little choice in hopes to keep him safe.

While he is doing okay in school due to meds, he suffers considerably socially. No one seems to want to play with him.

He is sweet and kind but has tendency to go into rooms he does belong. Older siblings for example. I keep close eye on him to see what could be happening but can’t identify the source of the problem.

Desperately seeking hope that this is a phase he will put grow and that ADHD chichdren have good chances to become happy and productive members of society.

Did I mention he has a lot of problems sleeping even with cloudiness - still gets many nightmares and constantly ends up in my bed. He is between 7 and 10.

Any ideas welcome

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Savingjake- Welcome to the group, you have so much to share with us about your journey.

In school do you have an IEP with strict guidelines? His lack of being able to relate to and with peers will impact his ability to do group work, therefore it impacts his learning and IEP goals should be written to address this then the school can work on this with him by role playing.

I believe it is phase and as he matures it will get better.

It really takes a team and the school has to really watch him.

Best of luck!

I understand what you are going through, my little guy was 5 when he was diagnosed and we also had no choice but to put him on meds for both ADHD and to help him sleep. Does he currently take any medication to help him sleep? Having ADHD and taking meds does impair the ability for kids to shot down their brains to go to sleep. My son used to take Clonodine but is now 13 and just takes a 1.5 melatonin gummy. Talk with your dr about your sons sleeping challenges as they should have some recommendations.

Regarding social challenges, I’m afraid this comes with having ADHD for many kids. My son still has issues with this and we just keep trying to foster 1 close friend vs lots of friends. I worry about him as well as it often takes him awhile to make a friend. At your son’s age try to foster friendships outside of school by talking with other moms for play dates. I also bought a kids book on Amazon (Shelley the Hyperactive Turtle) so the teacher could explain to the class about my son’s ADHD. It helps the kids understand why my son may not act like them.

BaylorFan in reply to Ldydy24

Is your so still really hyper after starting the medication? My grandson started kindergarten a few weeks back and we are going for testing in a little over a week we have no doubt that is what he has teacher doesn’t either we tried to do it earlier but pediatrician wouldn’t agree to test till he was 6. School sent us to a center that deals directly with ADHD. I was hoping the medicine would stop some of the hyperactive. He just can’t be still and talks nonstop kindergarten has been a high adjustment for me and therefore he doesn’t like to go.

Ldydy24 in reply to BaylorFan

Yes once my son’s meds kick in he is calm, can focus, and control his impulses. It makes a world of difference. If you get your grandson diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and you start trying medicine, keep in mind if may take several different meds before you find the right one for him. Make sure you are working with a dr/specialist who prescribed ADHD. Pedestrians generally are not skilled in this are. It’s s journey and I wish you luck.

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