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Kid acts nutty at md office visits

I know this is part of her adhd and anxiety but this makes my anxiety go full throttle. My 11 y.o will need to have a tooth removed because it's not coming out on it's own and causing some issues. She went berserk at the thought of having it removed and she would seriously have to be sedated (can they do this for my sanity?) for this because she will be a wild woman and will not allow them to do this. She was the same way when she received a flu vaccination. I had to hold her down!

Anyone else dealt with this kind of behavior?

We also have a f/u tomorrow with her md since her focalin xr hasn't help one bit. We are looking to switch to another medication to calm her down.

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Yep. Ugh, the shots. Focalin didn't help at all...too mellow of an effect. Lots of other options out there... Keep trying. We do Vvyanse now, but nothing works forever. Good luck.

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Does she see a pediatric dentist? I think they have more experience working with kids with anxiety. And yes they can sedate them to work on their teeth. My grandson had to have that because he would get so stressed at the dentist. Finally outgrowing it some at age 12

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