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Written homework

Hi, my son was diagnosed in 3rd grade. He is now 10 and in 5th. He hates school with the exception of his teacher cause she is a gamer like him and her daughter has ADHD so she is very good with him. However, won't write any essays or do any homework that isn't on the iPad the school gave him. I am at my wit's end trying to make sure he is caught up. He is already a month behind because of his ADHD and focusing problems. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I would make sure your son has either a 504 plan or IEP (better) that says he either doesn't have to do any written homework, or has a limited amount. I think that the battles over homework are often the reason our ADHD kids hate school so much. If he can do all of this homework on the iPad, what's the difference? No one writes long essays by hand anymore!

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Thank you. I will make that part of his 504.


An additional comment.....be sure and stand your ground on the homework....I guarantee that this will become a much larger issue as your son gets older, with homework taking longer and the fights at home becoming louder. Remind the school that both you and your son would like him to do HIS OWN homework and that doing half the amount correctly, and in a timely manner completely outweighs hours of fights and half-done work! (And a kid who hates school!)


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