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Query about medications


My 6yr old son is diagnosed with ADHD and he was initially recommended accommodations in school with behavioral therapy. But now he is getting into trouble more often due to his impulse behavior and visits Principal’s Office almost everyday. He is very outgoing, friendly and a chatterbox. But he is sensitive too. He feels very bad that he gets into trouble often. When we ask him about it, mostly he says “I know it’s wrong, but I am not able to stop myself from doing it.” So, we don’t know what else we could do to help him. I wanted to ask everyone here: when to consider medications? Is it safe? Does it really help? Is there anything we could do to help him before starting medications? Is 6yrs too early to start medications? It would be great to hear back from you. Thank you!

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Hello, I'm a mother of a 12 year old with ADHD. He was diagnosed a year ago by a neurologist and given medication. Every thing you said my son has been going through from an early age. It wasn't as bad until he got to middle school last year and now he has IEP as well. I feel the medication has helped somewhat with concentrating in school and he has told me himself that it helps a little but he's mostly trying. Had he been diagnosed earlier I wouldn't have put him on medication. He was actually the one who said to me he wanted to try it because he wasn't able to control himself and was getting into trouble for getting out of his seat and talking being disruptive in class. He's also seeing a therapist but honestly I still feel lost and joined this forum to try and find answers myself. Hope you are able to find help, Good Luck!

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Hi dear parent :

My son also got mild adhd 2 months back that is not diagnosed officially ((but one doctor in our native country 2 months back when we visited our country ))said it and he gave him rispedral 0.25 ml .And before it his story presently is below means this year

He shows impulsive behaviour he is not good or slow processor in studies.Also easily distracted and cannot make links like in maths unless ono on one sitting but sometimes very good

I live in USA and School gave My 6 year old son self contained class in kindergarten last year that was slow paced and get more attention but i felt the drawback that he lost any exposure to general ed kids or interactions but he started copying more inappropriate behaviours .

Then i talk to iep team this issue and in first grade he got inclusion classroom after many meetings Now he have general ed exposure . The school diagnosed him disability named cerebral palsy slow processing disorder as he walk on tip toes for which he get surgery in future.

Should I tell to school that test him for adhd as well ?? His teachers are ok and he likes his new class .

Do your research my son is also 6 I decided meds when it was more a problem for him that for me because he used to get frustrated because he couldn't control he's self. Foclin works great for us I was doing it every day and now we do it only on school days along whit therapy of curse

Have you tried Therapy with a Child Psychiatrist ? My son wasn’t diagnosed until he was 11 years old. Talking to a Child Psychiatrist and an Executive skills therapist has helped my son who is now 13. We tried medication for 6th & 7th grades. He did behave a little better but academically the changes were minor. My son didn’t like the side effects. Loss of appetite, headaches and a general numb feeling in his head. We tried forms of Ritalin and Aderal. Now we are educating ourselves on ADHD. I try my best to provide him with a diet with more protein and less sugar. Less processed and junk foods. Proper amounts of sleep and a lot of dialogue . Educating your self by reading articles and books regarding ADHD will help immensely ! Scattered but Smart & ADHD is not a Four Letter Word were two of my favorites! Good luck!😊

Thank you for your reply. He is getting therapy and he does seem to be losing weight but his neurologist said its not significant. He's recently had the computer test done and has a follow up visit coming up hopefully I can take him off the meds.

Six years old is not too young for medication if ADHD is obviously affecting functioning and educational and behavioral interventions are not having the desired effect. I suggest reading about ADHD and its treatments. There are several good books. One is Russell Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD. Information is also available at the National Resource Center on ADHD at help4adhd.org.

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Thank you!

Try Vayarin is a strength prescription omegas , it's natural and no side effects son is on it for a month and I can see a change on his behavior it takes time from one to 3 months to see the effects since is a natural approach ,try it you have nothing to loose,

Thank you!

Thank you all for the info. I am meeting him with his doc today. I have collected all info and will be discussing today.

Although we went medicine route and stop, try a weighted vest. I think the weighted vest is better the mesh compression vest.

Recreational or therapeutic swimming or sports.

OT at school ask your special ed coordinator for details.

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