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Son Newly Diagnosed

My 6 year old son was recently (12/19) diagnosed with combined ADHD with anxiety disorder. The therapist recommended CBT and I’m just getting started and trying not to get overwhelmed by all the information out there. Right now, my first task is to find a therapist that’s a fit for my son and trying to determine the best way to parent my son so that he’s successful. I want to explore non medication ways to treat his diagnosis because he’s just so young. I’m exploring essential oils right now. Just wanted to be a part of a community who has experience with what my new normal is.

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I completely understand. I feel like all I do is read on what I can do to help my son. We too have went the no medication route. My biggest suggestion is to find a few strategies that your therapist gives you and really stick to them. It seems our problem was we would try something and then it did not work and give up or forget to do it. Also, pull out all your patience. I always speak softly to our son. I try to remember the 5:1 rule. 5 compliments for every 1 time he is in trouble. We have a cool down area for him, not a time out. He goes there for 5 minutes to cool down when upset. Our sons anxiety comes from the ADHD and constantly feeling like he is bad or not getting our approval. Hope this helps.


Thank you! I love the cool down area idea! Our son’s anxiety is just as your son’s. Because of the ADHD he constantly feels as if he can’t do anything right or he’s bad or we’re disappointed. I’m definitely working on recognizing him more for the good and criticizing less for the bad. How did you go about finding a therapist?


My son was diagnosed with ADHD and behavioral problems when he was six now he is thirteen. He has been on meds since he was six. We just started CBT in September. He is not really trying to learn the techniques it teaches but I have learned a lot and wish I had known about it years ago. Good luck to you.

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