Hi I’m new to this group. My 8 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he’s was 6 years old.. He’s been having lots of trouble at school. I get phone calls from school everyday about he’s behavior (he refused to do he’s work or he been throwing everything in class etc.) but he doesn’t have that behavior at home he’s completely different I really don’t know what to do he’s not on medication. I talk to him the other day and I ask him why he behaves like that at school. He told me that his teacher is mean to him, that when he ask her something she doesn’t listen to him. He said that when someone talk to in a mean way he’s brain gets upset and he can’t control it. He also told me that he feels lonely at school beacause he doesn’t have any Friend's. He didn’t behave like this in 1st or 2nd grade. He is currently in behavior tharapy I don’t wanna give him medication. I feel really bad for him because he’s not learning and all this behavior is affecting him. Like I said he was not like that in 1st or 2nd grade he had good grades and never had problems.

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  • Hi My son is 11 and was diagnosed almost a year ago and he had the very exact issues at school as your son the reason he wont do his work is because he cant stay focused and the behaviour part my son was the same their brains are so over active that it makes them hyper and act out,its not their fault they cannot help it. So once my son was put on his medication for adhd he has been getting straight A's in his work he is able to stay focused and also he is no longer acting out in school. Now dont get me wrong there are days where do get off track and misbehave but thats the disorder itself.

  • Thanks for responding.

    I cry everyday question why and what I did wrong? And how can I help him? Sometime I don’t know what to do I’m always thing a way to help him. I talk to him everyday and every night. I know is something that he can’t control, and the teacher and the doctors want to fix everything with medication.

  • You are right that your son has a difficult time controlling himself. That is the problem that is ADHD. There are three main parts of treatment. Medication is one of them- there is a lot of science behind it. You could do just a trial of medication for a month and see if it is helpful or not. Do not think that if he tries medication he must take it forever. Also, the school should be helping. He should have a Section 504 Plan so that teachers know what they should be doing to help him. The last part of treatment is a good therapist- one who knows a lot about ADHD.

  • I ask the school about the 504 plan. They said that he doesn’t have one or he doesn’t need one.

    And I don’t think the school is helping him. He comes home and tell me that he’s teacher is mean to him and talks to him in a mean way. He ask for help and the teacher ignore him. Sometimes I think that they tired of seeing him behaved that way.

  • You have to fight for your child, which I know you are. Just bc they are teachers doesn't mean they are correct on everything. You need to tell the school you want him tested or take him to a Dr to get an ADHD screening. If he has it...I'm paper by a Dr the school has to give him a 504 or IEP, which will make the school help him more.

    Some teachers are better than others and have ideas/patience while others just want kids that behave and make their jobs easy. We all know they world doesnt work that way. Ask question...Ask the school what they are doinh to help your child. Read, read and read about Adhd. Join groups, like SSD or CHADD....these are two groups that have meeting and talk sessions....look them up.

    I cry every day and it causes a lot of stress in the family but they are our babies and we have to help them and fight for them. Get him into therapy.

    I'm waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel myself. I won't be surprised if my son gets kicked out of school. I will cross that bridge when it comes. Good luck to you and your family. Remember...Ask questions

  • I have had same situation I am a single mom with my son hes 8 yrs with adhd and was diagnosed in the first grade. I did not want to put him on medication i thought I could help him but nothing seemed to work and he was getting worse at school. End of his 2nd grade he was put on meds and has been so far all of 3rd grade. He doesnt have anger he just is always talking, playing, disrupting class and doesn't follow the rules.he has problems every day at school and has affected his grades as well. Already been wrote up on bus twice and its only been a month of school.I'm constantly worried and feeling overwhelmed to try to help him as well. When ive talked to him he said same thing that the teachers are mean and won't help him.. They are just tired of dealing with it and are not addressing the issue. Teachers should be trained to work with kids that have these issues and know how to help. Also concerned with the way schools are helping our children to feel the same as other kids and not making them feel like there's something wrong with them. My son is very loving and it hurts me so bad that he feels this way.

  • You can find sample letter online of how to request they either give him a 504 or iep they can not deny him one if he need one and from the sound of it he does give the letter to the school office not his teacher also they have only 15 days to respond to your request or you can report them to the department of education

  • We moms are the ones that will fight for our kids and have that patience no one else..

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