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My 15 year old son is guna be the death of me

My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. Is very hard to get him diagnosed they say they don't test kids until they turn till 5 he was 4 at the time and because I was a teenage mother he was very rude to me told me if I cannot handle my son then you can put them up for adoption or take everything out of his room but his bed in his books. Then kindergarten teacher said something and then his first grade teacher said so I took him to Dr. Stoltz which is a wonderful doctor we tried Adderall that made him seem like a zombie. Next was Concerta which is a time-release capsule he took it 54 mg every morning till he was 13 his appendix burst two surgeries and 9 days later we go to come home we circumstances that I cannot control we cannot afford Concerta anymore so we tried Ritalin he didn't like the way it made him feel. So he has not been on any medication since then now he is 15 almost 16 and 10th grade with anger issues, short temper, a little rebellious sneaking out his bedroom window smokes cigarettes, defiant thinks he can do whatever he wants yells at his little brothers. I just don't know what to do we I've taken to a psychologist that didnt really make a deference. Any advice would be appreciated. I just don't want him to turn into an angry adult that can't control his behavior.

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I'm sorry you are going through this. I would first talk to the guidance counselor and see if they can help in some way - either talking to your son - maybe something else is bothering him besides school work. Try to talk to him in a very a calm manner (not easy) and let him know you are 1. worried about him 2. want him to be happy in his life and he doesn't seem that way right now, can you do anything to help 3. let him know that you love him and you understand that he is struggling with school, etc.

If you can get him on medicine, Daytrana is a great one. it is a patch that stays on all day, they do have a coupon for it to make it less expensive and maybe even free.

Good luck,



I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. I know it's very hard to deal with.

Do you think his actions are because he no longer has his medication he was used to taking? At this age their hormones are also racing and they're trying to find themselves and who they are.

I did find a financial assistance program for Concerta from the manufacturer. I'm not sure if you have tried that already but here is the website for it if not: janssenprescriptionassistan...

I really hope things get better for all of you and that you can once again have your "old" son back.

Luck and hugs!


I feel your pain. I have a 14 year-old son, almost 15. He is very bright, but lacks motivation in school. He has major anger problems and is short-tempered. He is able to turn that off at school though. (Only at home with me...where he tells me I am like nails on a chalkboard when I tell him to do things). I recently had him evaluated to rule out ADHD and/or Depression. The neuropsychologist concluded that he has depression with anxiety. I have decided to try holistic treatment before going on to prescription medications. I did some research and have started him on a daily probiotic (culturelle), daily multi-vitamin, and Omega 3. I have also been considering trying CBD oil. I guess the logic is, if their immune system isn't functioning, their focus/mood is off. He also takes Melatonin (Vitafusion Sleepwell Gummies...available almost everywhere, to get to sleep at night). We have only started it over the last week, so I cannot say I have noticed a difference (it doesn't help that it is finals right now though). One of the biggest motivations for him currently is his basketball coach. Is your son involved in any sports/school-related activities? Is there a psychologist/social worker at the high school he could talk to? We do have a private social worker that my son sees. He is a male social worker, and that really seems to make the difference for him. He relates better to men.


Such a hard age. Going through lots of this with my 13 year old grandson right now. I don't like your said he did well for years just on ADHD medication. He has terrible anxiety and depression. When he was switched to Concerta he got violent so we took him off that. But no he just seems really depressed. Taking him back to the doctor this week

He has been on heavy Omega-3 for two years but haven't seen that it does much good. It's called vayarin and it's a prescription only.

Teenagers are hard to handle is it is it just ruin the ADHD and you have a volatile cocktail. Boys with this are much more likely to experiment with cigarettes, drugs ,and risky behavior.


I understand but he needs to get on meds ASAP!! If he doesn't he will hurt himself or someone else!. I hope he is on an IEP at school. Sounds like a Behavioral Specialists is in order! The IEP should have one for him. Talk to his Pediatrician soon!


So i was sitting here reading your post and i said to myself OMG!!! She sounds like me. I also have a 15yr old and its been hard dealing with his AdHd i am a mom of 3 boys ages 20,16,15 and now a baby girl almost one and my 15yr old out of all of them has been my biggest challenge. So i found out when he was in elementary that he was AdHd and he also has a combination after i figured out how to deal with this sum what in 5th grade i took him out of public schools because for one they kept labelling my child which would make his outbursts even worse i homeschooled him from 5 thu 8 while at the sametime keeping him very active with his peers he also started out on Adderall and we took him off that then they put him on Ritalin which caused him stomach issues in and out the hospital took him off that and his been on Methylphenidate ever sense homeschooling my son did wonders for him his attitude changed alot and his anger decreased alot his now back in public schools for 9th grade and his an A B honor student his doing great with everything we have in place for him and adding a outside therapist. Its still a working progress but its getting better Im not saying homeschooling is for everyone but maybe it could help when u have a fulltime eye on his behaviour alot of ppl dont see what we go through so we have to fend for ourself im pretty sure your a great mom hands down to u for even having to deal with this but we gotta stay strong and figure out what works for us and our kids just put your foot down momma and take charge GOD BLESS U AND HOPE EVERYTHING GETS BETTER.


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