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Mommy asking for advice

So we finally got my step daughter an appointment to go see the pediatrician I’m super nervous and scared of what they might say... we have never done this before I have been told that there is a process for this and that first they will give us papers to fill and than they will get on hold of her teachers at school but her mom is super mad at my husband because she wants us to lie to our step daughter that we are not taking her to see the doctor to be assessed on whether or not She has ADHD because she wants to keep the assessment as unbiased as possible...

she thinks that we are making this up about the little girl but all the signs are there and even a blind man would be able to see it. Can someone please tell me if we should be feeling wrong or just let the little one who is the one that told us there is something wrong with me because I’m too distracted and I cant focus in class... my little one is super smart through.

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Don't be nervous, the pediatrician will give you a whole lot of assessments to fill out. Then you will turn them in when completed. Teachers will do same and then they will review results and meet with you on them. I don't think you need to lie to your stepdaughter for a unbiased result. The pediatrician will be testing your step daughter and reviewing the assessments. This is a tool to get her some help. It is not a bad thing. You are doing a great thing by wanting to help her be as successful in life as possible. Good luck.

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Thank you so much for your answer that made me feel so much better dealing with my Little’s mother is very difficult and I feel like I’m aging dying in my heart. I promise my husband that I would learn to be more of a thick skin and not be so sensitive in life but seriously it is who I am . Thank you anyways I really appreciate it


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