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Hello my 4 yr old was diagnosed with mixed ADHD and ODD. im not sure what to do not to go crazy myself. I now know that its nit him just not listening. But not sure how to handle it all. Any tips would be great.

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You are off to a great start understanding that his ADHD and ODD is just not him listening. Our son was also diagnosed with this as well but when he was 5. My son from when he was an infant was just different than I had expected. He was very difficult infant and toddler. He is almost 11 now and we are in a much better place once you have help with dealing with situations. The best thing we did was to have a psychologist help us learn to better parent our ADHD and ODD child. We learned parent child interactive therapy. At first it was painful but as you get in to understanding the concepts, it is a foundation to learning to handle situations. The other piece is understanding that most other parents will try to give advice but they don't understand that their child is different. This is difficult for parents to understand that what they experience with their child on the worst day maybe our best days. Also, I had to seek out my own counseling in order to deal with my own issues of blaming myself for not being able to be a better parent.

I wish you the best and blessing to you and your family!

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