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Medication Recommendations? Adhd and odd.


My 10-year-old just got diagnosed with Adhd, ODD, and DMDD. We are happy with this diagnosis because we have struggled with his symptoms/behavior for years and now finally have a name for it. We are going to take him to a psychiatrist for the first time this week. We are open to medicating him and were wondering if anybody has any medication recommendations. I'd like to research our options ahead of time and walk into this appointment as informed as possible.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Welcome to a blog and the journey of living life with a child with ADHD and other issues..

Here is a great chart/article about medications. I have learned so much now that our son is very stable on medications. Our experience is others, it takes a while to get the type, dose and timing correct. BUT,.if your child can benefit from taking medication your life will be forever changed. Just know if it is not right work with the psychiatrist to make it right.

This is a "general" article about all the different types and ways they are given.

We are here for you with open arms, if you have questions please ask.

Take care,

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Thank you! It was very informative!

Hi. I recommend the book Straight Talk about Psychiatric medications for kids 4th edition. It provides information on how each of the medications work, common childhood psychiatric disorder.

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Thank you! I'll check it out!

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Russell Barkley's book "Taking Charge of ADHD" has a good chapter on medications as well. Along with a lot of other useful information on managing behaviors, positive parenting techniques, etc.

Up the advice of our psychiatrist, our son has found success with broad spectrum micronutrients. I highly recommend you look into them.

Medication is a rocky road. When it works it is wonderful. When it doesn't it can be a nightmare. And you never know what will be good for your child. There are people on here whose child is on medications that work for their child which have been a disaster for mine.

Work closely with the doctor, keep an eye on your child's behavior and good luck.

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