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My 5 year old son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD with impulsivity and hyperactivity. The first few weeks of kindergarten were nonstop notes and phone calls from the teachers, counselors and principles about his behavior. He gets diagnosed and it's crickets. Not a word from anyone. I've called the counselor to set up a meeting and nothing. What is happening?

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  • I've dealt with a similar scenario with my kindergartener. Call, notes, texts, suspensions all through preschool and in the first month of kindergarten. I've been saying, "I think he has ADHD." At fair everyone gave me these glazed over looks like they didn't want to have that conversation. So many just don't get it. Keep pushing mama. Send your meeting requests in writing so you have proof. When they call for behavior remind them you've requested a meeting and haven't gotten one. Contact the district office and request a meeting through Child Find. The US Department of Education has a program called Child Find. They are required to find and identify children with disabilities that impact learning. I just found this out myself recently.

  • Thank you so much. I'm going to do some research on Monday and find out who the counselors boss is and give her a call and politely ask for a meeting. I have an appointment with his psychologist in Tuesday so I'll know what to ask for hopefully. When our kids act out on impulse, how are they supposed to handle it? Like he can't help it? I saw on a note from his teacher scribbled in the corner that he spit on a teacher at lunch and No one called me. Not an email. Nothing. That is not Ok! He cannot spit on people. I'm not raising an asshole (pardon) I don't care what disability he has.

  • That’s how I feel about it, too. They still have to learn how to behave.

  • I agree. Mine used to bite when cornered. They are little, adults are big. We all have fight or flight defense. Maybe he didn’t think he had a better way to deal with it. Spitting is not ok but is better than hitting and biting.

  • He hits and bites too. My issue is the school not communicating with me. I feel like if he's acting out by spitting on anyone someone should have called me so I can at least have a conversation with him about it.

  • We instituted a red card (for hitting, pushing,spitting) and green card (for a good day of no hottjng,bitting,spitting).

    Teacher puts the card in his backpack at the end of the day so we know immediately that there was an issue that we need to address. That way we can reward Green Day's right away and deal with the bad days right away.

    The school really liked this idea.

  • I don't know where you are from but where I am from when you put In a request for a meeting to get a 504 or iep they only have 15 days to respond or you can go above them and report them to the department of education and they can get in big trouble for it i would put your request in writing and save a copy of it in case you do have to go above them to get a response

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