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Personal Space difficulty

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I am in need of some thoughts and advice. My 7yr old son is having a lot of difficulty in school with the personal space of others and his impulsivity. He is in 2nd grade and does have a great teacher. I received 2 calls from the school today, one for hitting another student on the bus and another to talk to him because he was having an overall rough day. His teacher expressed that they are having a hard time managing his behavior in class and more so on the playground. We have routines and daily talk and show personal space so he can also visually see it (hula hoop is one). We have a meeting next week with the Student Assistance Team to help figure out what we can do to help at school. My son is very smart and has a big heart. It just kills me that he is having such a hard time and also with the other kids. Any thoughts or advice? Thank you!

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Hi Bethany11, my 5yo girl is in kindergarten now and has been having personal space and periodic lashing out issues too. She has a diagnosis of ADHD and Sensory processing disorder/dysfunction. She sees a psychiatrist and is on medication and sees an occupational therapist as well. There are socialization/communication courses you and your child can enroll in. Search for one in your community. I don't remember the name of the one we were looking into. I can get back to you on that.



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