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My child has ADHD and I need help!

I'm the parental Grandmother raising my 7 yr. old grandson from birth. He's in first grade and for three years now I've watched my child display signs and I now admit it's time to get a diagnosis. I made the call to the teacher, principal and Doctor all in one day. So I also joined this site as well. Education is imperative and so is patience. I hope to learn from you all, this is not a life sentence.

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Let me strongly recommend that you also send a testing request to the school in writing if you haven't already done so. Good for you for taking the first step and being brave enough to admit that something is not typical here and needs to be looked at more closely. Knowledge is power! So learn more about ADHD by reading Taking Charge of ADHD by Russel Barkley or Scattered but Smart. ADHD does not mean that life is over. You still have your uniquely talented love-able child, you just know more about how his mind works now and why he does some of the things he does. Don't forget while you find ways to improve his academic achievement and behavior, it's still important to let him pursue his hobbies and interests. That may be riding bikes or collecting bugs, playing video games or doing boy scouts. My 7 year old daughter learned to ride horses this summer. She loved it and her confidence was restored after a previous school year of putdowns and shaming by her teacher and classmates. This year she has an amazing teacher, medicine and a 504 plan so things are going much better. Good luck Ethomasone!


Thank you Christina, for your words of encouragement. I'm helping in my child's first grade class and learning how his daily work schedule is conducted and what's expected of him. Today my child brought a CSI form to sign and return to school so he can participate. So far, his behavior is manageable, but he just turned seven.

I will purchase the two books you recommend so I can learn more about ADHD.

Thank you for your love😃❤️


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