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Help! My 5yr old son has adhd!

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krissy0516 son is 5 having all kinds of trouble in school..very defiant at home nothing phases him. He was suspended off the bus today for being unruly! He currently takes 10mg of focolin xr in the morning before school..3.75ml of prozac and .01mg of clonidine at night. His focolin dosage has been changed from 5mg to 7.5 mg and now 10mg..I'm lost I need help :(

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Krissy, has your doctor discussed behavioral/parent training with you or did he go straight to medication? Yes, medication can be super effective in many cases but if you are willing to put in the work behavior modification and parent training is actually recommended as the first-line treatment in children your sons age. See the link provided below. Many studies have shown that behavior modification can help reduce some of the negative symptoms associated with ADHD and enhances the parent-child relationship. Just a thought, it is not for everyone but if you want to learn about it see the following links.

Now his hair is falling out in clumps!!

I would try the behavior modification and take him off the meds all of them. Research every med he is on and see if it is right for your child. Dianne

We do behavior traing..schedules..small chores..eating habits..timeout..lierally I've tried everything

Maybe Focalin is not the right medication for him. My one grandson did great on it. The other one it was awful. The right ADHD medication can make a world of difference but sometimes it takes experimentation.

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