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A little video to share. Walkers unite.

I thought I would share this video. This is walking at speed. (Race walking) I love this video because the elegance of the sport is shown at its full potential. Yes walking is a sport and let’s not forget that. I doesn’t matter what you speed you are at, every day when you go out for a walk you are performing a sport, so never let anyone tell you that your not especially if they can’t walk and beat this guy. This guy can do 20km in 1 hour 20 min. So for all those scoffers out there who say walking isn’t a sport I would like to see them take on this guy. Each and every one of us are in training and as long as we are doing that we are doing great.

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Oh my word Rfc - that's walking alright!

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That is incredible. Certainly 'brisk'. :) It makes me want to try fast(er) walking. I notice they seem to really seem to swivel a lot. What kind of form do you try and keep for speed walking Rfc?


I did about 8 months training with an Olympic coach earlier this year, I had to drop when I found out I needed orthotics.

It is all in the form. I will try and explain it. Maybe if Duddles is around he could help too.

You place your heel down first, once it has hit the floor you try not to bend the leg that has contact with the floor, then you roll your foot to Be able to push off from the big toe. It is a short pace, the swagger comes from the straight leg.

My problem was that at the time I could not flex my big toe once it hit the ground but I am building on that now.

I got up to a pace of 8:21 min a km when I was race walking which for me is fantastic.

I use it on days when I want a workout but haven’t got the energy to run, I have had a lot of those this year so it has been really useful. I also run walk and I use race walking to keep up my pace. My next HM in May 2019 is going to be run/race walking one. Training has begun.

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Hm.. I'll have to try it. I might have questions for you after I give it a go. My regular walking pace is usually between 12-13 minutes per kilometer, so lots of room for improvement. And I love a good run/walk, that's how I do many of my runs and races, but I just plonk about during the walking bits.


Ask away, I’m not the best at explaining but I will try. I love run/walk, it is the only way I can run as my heart rate starts sliding up after 120 seconds of running and just keeps going till it hit my max at 188. Every now and then I try and take the walking out and end up all over the place, so I keep telling myself why mess with something that works 😀.


Wow, what a pace! I think I would need help to get the technique right but quite fancy a go 😊


RFC - do you mind if I make a general comment about the video?

Those athletes are at the very top of the game; the Elite. Most have been training since they were youngsters and not only have great technique but are also extremely fit. As they are gliding along, they are practically running. The rule is that there has to be contact with the ground at all time by a part of the feet and any breach of that has to 'be visible by the naked eye' In fact cameras often show both feet off the ground, but the judges just cannot see that.

If you are starting late to walking it would be very difficult to get to that level, but the joy of racewalking is that you can do your own pace and technique and still take part in races. The only person you try to beat is yourself, improving your times if possible. They are a very friendly bunch. So don't be put off from race walking because the technique, the wiggle, looks so extreme. You can do your own thing.

To give an example of how good those in the video are, I recently did a 10k race. My cadence, steps per minute, were 150, going absolutely flat out, giving it my all. The young lad who did the quickest time was covering the ground in 188 steps per minute, using the full wiggle. He did the 10k in 47 minutes - and his pace was an average of 7.23 minutes per mile. I finished 21 minutes slower than him, at about 11.14 minutes per mile. A huge difference but we were still in the same race, and in fact with my handicap, I just beat him by a few seconds. Those who have done Park Runs know how friendly and welcoming they are - walk racing is very similar - you race together.

There is plenty of technique to learn, particularly the placing of feet as RFC has said, but also the use of your arms. You may think it looks extreme and will lead to injuries, but in fact injuries are rare and it seems much kinder on the joints than running. And as I have just said somewhere else on the forum - it gives you a lovely firm bum. What's not to like?

The point of writing this was to say, don't be put off by what looks quite difficult - you can aim for that technique, but if you cannot quite make that, you will still enjoy it.


That’s fine Duddles it all came about because someone had been out running to the bee gees song on the C25k and I put the video up on there and someone said I should put it up on active10, then people where interested and you know me I love an inclusive challenge that we can all make our own. So here we are. I just love how one song has inspired a whole new challenge for the new year. I think it is going to be fun and be interesting how we can include everyone with a bit of adaptation.

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