Put on my boots and waterproof, put my little Alfie into his raincoat (5 month old cockapoo) and tramped over the golf course through the woods and park for an hour this morning, wonderful. We both came home black as the fire back, jumped in the shower together(the things you do with a dog) then settled down with a nice cup of tea. I got Alfie in January, and once he was given the green light to go out from the vet, jabs and so on, we haven't looked back. We go out every day for a minimum of an hour, then at least 2 more half hour walks for him.

Not only is this unwelcome blubber starting to shift, but the exercise and fresh air lift my spirits no end. I also have osteoporosis, so the walking is the absolute best thing I can do.

It's going to be wet the rest of this week and next here in Leeds, but it wont deter us, as the thought of burning all those calories is driving me on.

Good luck and keep those feet moving.

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  • I bet Alfie is having the time of his life as well, I doubt the rain will deter him at all. Walks, showers and hugs what more could a little cockerpoo want for. Glad it's helping with your weight loss as well, it is great when a little exercise can bring such great rewards. 😀.

  • That is a whole lot of walking! Good for you! Alfie sounds adorable.

  • Happy walking. Sounds like you're getting loads of health benefits, and have some great company to boot.

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