The obesity code

To the member who posted about this book. Thankyou so much. Went out and bough the it read it from cover to cover in a week. Which as I am out of the house for work 11 hours was really good for me. After persevering with the test factors proved to be very informative. Expecting some good results this week thanks to this book and you for telling us about it x

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  • It is a fabulous read. Can't remember tests though, maybe time for me to re-read.

  • Well surveys not tests perhhaps

  • Thanks for the clarification Skinnygrandma

    I was fascinated by the fasting thing that he came to at the end of the book. Might give it a go at some point. Have you had a go at fasting? Just curious to know.

    Take care

  • Havent as such but this week have eaten breakfast then fasted till tea time and again over night havent eaten after tea and providing im drinking plenty im not hungry. Am gonna give his 5:2 plan a go though. Lost 3 lbs this week which is really good for me. I have been trying to loose since January and have only losthe 9 lbs in total till this week and lost 3 in one week. Also I think it's something that I could make a habit of easily. My sister was a nurse and has been diagnosed border line diabetickets am givino her the book to read. Again thanks for the tip

  • Not sure if it was me that recommended it to you Skinnygrandma but I know I have recommended it on here. I had a sister who was diabetic, sadly she died about 7 years ago from cancer.

    Someone else recommended another really good read calledThe Blood Sugar Diet by Craig Beck. This is amazing. It was recommended as an audio book and was an excellent listen, he reads it himself. Basically he eats food and tests his own blood sugar to see what sends it up.

    I think I am due to read both books again soon, always get more out of it second time around.

    I take your points below about going again traditional dieting messages. well done on your 3lb loss, that is excellent.

    Take care

  • Im so sorry about your sister. And will give this boak a listen to will be good for in the bath. I'm finding reading is stopping me from boredom eating. You take care and thankyou again

  • Thanks Skinnygrandma If you find any good books send them my way.

    Didn't sleep well last night and following threads on here led me to two book I am thinking about: Perfect Health Diet and The Primal Blueprint, or perhaps I should re-read what I have first!

    Take care

  • There was lots of things in this book that went against everything I had been trained to think about weight loss rules but actually they work like not eating every two hours and hey your eating healthy stuff so eat as much as you want he explains it's not the case. Along with a host of other guides

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