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6 months AN postoperative tumour remnant was left on facial nerve. Trigeminal nuralgia pains returning


Hi Had 3cm AN surgery 6months ago. Small remnant tumour was left on facial nerve. 3 month follow up mri showed no regrowth. Did have fairly good recovery after surgery with some facial weakness that improved 3 months post op although still get dry eye and no tears. Had strange taste in mouth since surgery and do daily excercise to improve balance which seems to work well. Lost hearing on left ear although this isn't disabling

Been getting mouth burning, jaw and teeth pain for last 3 weeks. Does anyone know if this could be caused By stress or bad weather. Worried it may be tumour regrowth.

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Hi, sorry I can’t be any help to you but get hold of your consultant’s secretary and phone for advice.

Good luck

Kind regards

Thanks for your reply.

Hospital have said it can happen and should hopefully settle down. I'm just hoping it's down to stress and cold weather.

Hopefully it's not growing again they have said too soon to do MRI

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