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Acoustic Neuroma Surgery and facial paralysis

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Hi everyone, I had my surgery on 25Aug, all successful for removal of large AN tumour. Since coming home facial paralysis has started and now affects my eye and mouth. I wondered if anyone else had this after 2weeks post op and what helped them? I had heard you can tape the eye shut which I did yesterday and a friend bought some eye drops to keep eye moist, i'm hoping the facial paralysis won't last long. Thanks for any advice

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Hello, ask your consultant to refer you to a specialist who will advise you on what facial movements to make. It seems your nerve may be damaged and there is great chance of restoration, as for my case, we did try several things however the doctor told me right after the surgery that it was damaged during the surgery so although we tried he did say it wasn't likely to heal itself - but you on the other hand, if in surgery it was saved and you're seeing effects after days there are plenty of facial exercises that should help. Replying to this ASAP as I hope it helps.

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Thank you for your quick reply, hopefully it will recover soon and I'll get in contact with them. Many thanks

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Kellyc in reply to Wounded101

why I am wondering if it is better to get there surgery while my is tiny rather than waiting for it to grow and be more complicated. I just want to dine out who in the world does the most of these surgeries and is well known in their field.

Hi there,

I was told that my facial nerve was saved during surgery, but I still suffer from numbness around the mouth and nose and up towards the eye - almost a year post op. I have been told it can take months to get back to some sort of normality, but if you find it troublesome there is medication that can help. Have a word with your GP or Consultant. I also found that exercises from a Speech Therapist helped. I also needed to tape the eye overnight and this helped as the eyelid didn't drop back and give me dry-eye in the mornings. Eye drops helped as well. Don't need the tape any more 😀. My progress is slow and steady......hope yours is a bit quicker! Keep smiling 😃

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Thank you so much for your reply, I'm hoping it won't last too long as my eye has been very sore. My doctor prescribed some eye drops day and night which has helped. All the best for the future, hopefully over time your numbness will go, to know things have improved since your op has given me more hope.

I had my op in May 2021 and although my facial nerve wasn’t damaged, it was pretty angry and stopped doing what it should. I was left with a drooping face, and eye that wouldn’t close and a strange taste in my mouth, that cause food to taste different (usually really salty) and I dribbled. My voice was different too. I was told to do simple face massages each day to coax the facial nerve. I have my eye taped shut all the time and used a ointment in my eye to keep it moist. Slowly each week there was a bit more movement and now you can only see the lopsided side when I smile, my eye will shut if the other one is shut and I still need sunglasses if I leave the house, but my voice is almost back to normal and taste has improved. Tell your base skull nurse snd she will give you some exercises and arrange for physio etc. Don’t panic it will improve. Good luck in your journey

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Thanks for your encouragement, I have seen slight improvement the last few days but still drink with a straw to stop me dribbling and my eye isn't as sore as it was. I will ask about the facial exercises and hopefully it will keep improving

Hello.. hope your recovery is going well.. I had my surgery on 23rd April, to debulk a 22mm tumour.. surgery was 12 hours and recovery was very erratic! I’m now 5 months post surgery and still have some facial problems. The paralysis after surgery was quite bad in my eye and mouth too. I persevered with facial massage and found myself a vestibular physio who gave me some facial (& balance) exercises. It’s much better now, & I’m thankful to be here! It’s not perfect & if I’m tired it’s a bit worse, but to my friends and family it’s barely noticeable. Be kind to yourself and get plenty of rest, keep up the massage.. it does get better.. we have had major, major surgery but don’t underestimate the healing power of your body. Love from B xx

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Thanks B, it's good to know it's fairly normal to have the facial paralysis and that it will improve with time. It's only my 3rd week with it so early days. I definitely need some physio for my balance, think it will all help, I'll ask about that too. Thanks

Nerves are funny things and can badly react to any form of interference even opening to bare it to do the surgery so only time will tell if it’s permanent, or intermittent or May totally settle back to normal. Mine took two years so don’t dispair x

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Thanks for your message, it happened after I came off all the tablets and steroids so hopefully it will settle soon as the inflammation goes down where the surgery was. Glad you are ok now

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