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Post Op Symptoms

Hi. My name is Victoria. My husband had an AN removed 10 months ago. It was 3.5 cm, calcified, and pushing against his brain stem. They had to sacrifice some nerves(7th and 8th). He doesn't have any facial function on the left side, but has had the 5th to 7th nerve transfer and nerve reconstruction surgeries. He also has no hearing in his left ear, as well as equilibrium problems.

We don't really know what to expect for how his body reacts as it heals, and we can't contact his surgeon because he had the surgery done in Thailand, and we live in a small town where NO expertise will be available for this.

Right now he is having headaches often, bad acid reflux, and he feels like he has a "hairball" in his throat. His words. Anyone else have these same things or heard of it before? What have you done to relieve these? Thank you!

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Hi Victoria, my husband had his removed 9th Feb. He had a lot of headaches was taking his meds patches etc for weeks. Stopped his patches under the guidance of the surgeon on the 19th March. He does still need paracetamol and ibuprofen now and again. However he only takes them when he has pain not fuzziness. He has now just returned to having 3 pillars as opposed to about 9 which helped him being propped up. Throughout the whole time even prior to the op when the symptoms really kicked in he couldn't lay flat. It's been a journey but slowly but surely he's improved. We were told things would improve but to take it easy. His head face was numb and only really returned to normal recently. He had reflux but he's like that anyway but not laying flat helped. I wish you both a speedy recovery. Lisa


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