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My continued battle

My continued battle

I thought i might share some of my on going battle.

I was diagnosed with a acoustic neuroma about 3 years ago. I managed to delay my surgery due to a few major life issues. But thats another story.

I eventually was forced to confront the beast in October 2016 the overall experience wasn't good. As the specialists said basically what could have gone wrong, did. I developed a csf leak through a sinus that developed behind my ear wound, had to have a lumbar drain which was miss managed by temp nursing staff... which i might mention won't ever be working in the industry again thanks to my surgeon exploding. I am extremely needle phobic as well which doesn't help much... so multiple failed cannula didn't go well with infections and ended up with a pic line being inserted, one of the toughest things I've had to go through but by god was i glad i had it after,

The fat graft site developed a major mrsa infection two days after being released and resulted in me being re admitted for 2 weeks and having the wound debrided and a long course of big bomb antibiotics.

Eventually got sent home 2 days before Christmas.

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Jesus what a disastrous set of events.


OMG you poor thing you have really been thru the wringer ...hope you are improving


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