Post-wedding depression

With the summer wedding season now over, many brides are finding life after the big day a big let down as they struggle with feelings of sadness, frustration and even postnuptial depression.

A look at online wedding forums reveals many brides hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and seeking advice for depression following the wedding, from the let down of no longer having the big wedding to focus on to feelings of loneliness after moving to be close to a new husband's family.

On Wedding Central's forum, one bride writes "for a couple of months after my wedding I suffered post wedding depression. It sounds ridiculous to say out loud, so you keep it to yourself and just feel sad inside and don't understand why. I had the wedding of my dreams. But after reality sunk in of the fact that I was never going to be a bride again. I have been with my now hubby for ten years so I'd been thinking about my dream wedding with him for a decade."

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