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Feeling Isolated

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Hi there,

I am really feeling isolated and new to this feed. Actually this is my first feed- I am not a computer person. What's the best way to get involved and to get to know others?

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yes. me too, Isolated. this forum usage is new to me, and then I have anxiety over even using it to help me but sharing information online is also and anxiety to me too. lol ughhh, but should all be anonymous right? Now that the world is going through so much change, it is uncomfortable I think for everyone - all these unknown happenings. I have already these anxieties over health reasons, and now since covid - its been nothing but more worry - I hope and pray the world gets back on track and this covid thing goes away.. its even hard to discuss your feelings anymore about even that problem, because it seems critics are all around and hard to free talk our own feelings and possibilities about that too.

hi you can comment on other posts even join other relevant communities the more you chat the more people get to know you.

To Stosh

I also have bipolar and am almost 56, so might have something in common. I tend to try and talk about things on here I wouldn't talk about with family.I don't have any friends in the area I live in.

Hey Stosh, I'm 62 and have MDD. What meds help you cope with your condition?x

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