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I have suffered from depression years back and now I just fight it my self. But just over a year ago I found out my partner had been cheating on me we had been together for 10 years and we have a child. I moved nearly 200 miles to live with him but when we split I moved home and since then things have spiralled out of control. I have just been caught stealing from my work and I have been suspended. I have no reason why I did what I Did, I just did it. Sometimes cant rememer doing it. I have hit rock bottom I am going to lose my house my family and kids will be embarrassed by me. I am going to doctors Monday because there is something wrong with me. Sorry

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Going to the doctor is a good first step toward recovery.

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Hi Gemma537545

Really sorry to hear of the sadness that seems to have driven you to do something you wouldn't normally do. Yes, do go to your Dr.asap and discuss the whole situation. He/she will know if you need medication or perhaps talking therapy and it will certainly help your case if the Dr gives an explanation for you indiscretion.

I can't imagine how anxious you must be feeling for your children, I don't know their ages, but it may be wise to sit them down after you've been to the drs and tell them. Depending on what the dr says, you may want to include your this as a reason.

I do so hope all goes well Gemma but please stay in touch.



Hi Gemma537545

When we do find out we have been cheated on it hurts like no other hurt they really don't understand what this does to the spouse who's been cheated on it broke me...

We were so happy well least I thought we were!!!!...

You will do things out of the ordinary because you are not with it because your so hurt you won't lose your family or your kids you probably think you will only because you and your partner split so you think you will lose everyone else but you won't your just going through a very distressing time at the moment your probably have a thousand questions you need answers too so you question your trust goes out the window along with your self confidence but you will get it back and you will get better you just gotta give yourself time my friend....go to the drs is definitely the right thing to do to begin with just take it slow chick you will get there if you need to talk you can pm me too

Take care

Nat x


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