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I have suffered bouts of depression for 20 years. I am 43 now and am on medication . I am waiting for CBT and have been waiting several months now with no date yet to be assessed. I have become quite isolated despite having friends and a girlfriend who do care. I walk my dog every day which gets me out. This latest bout started via redundancy and I am concerned I will be well enough to be able to work again. Any advice or support gratefully received.

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  • Hiya, is your redundancy affecting others in the organisation or just you?

    I get small doses of depression now and then mainly financial worries but I just handle the situation the best I can or try to occupy my time. Its good you get out with the dog and if your friends invite you to join them then go along with it.

    Have you considered private CBT in your area? if you're on ill leave due to depression then ask them to consider a phased return to work with support from your GP. If you want to return to work to see how you feel then your GP will issue a phased return to work, you hand that to your HR department and they will contact you to make arrangements on hours you can do. alot of the big companies do something like this.

  • you know as well as i do that isolating yourself is the worse thing to do so get on the phone and mix with your friends or you will be in a terrible rut before you know it x

  • I am trying to accept invitations now however I feel. Thanks for your advice.

  • i know its not easy ...being around people when you feel low is the last thing we want but sometimes its whats needed...

    i dont know about you but a good read helps me...i love Dr Phil Mcgraw he has written some amazing stuff...perhaps check out his website...he is an american psychologist but dont let the fact he is american put you off he knows his stuff...i read one book of his years ago called self matters and after reading it i got out of a toxic relationship and got myself in college it was a turning point for me.

    good luck honey x

  • I will not be returning to the same company as they made me redundant and it was just me. It was back in April and I have got ill since then.

  • Having friends and a girlfriend who cares about you is better than nothing :)

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