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My brain needs help

Hey everyone, I’m really bad at opening up to anyone in general so this is kind of hard to explain from my perspective but ... lately I’ve been feeling really weird about myself, uncomfortable, hopeless, useless, and just like somethin is attacking my mind or my brain, I know these symptoms are depression, and I’ve talked to therapists, doctors, got medication, but even doing those things I feel like I must be doing something wrong cause not even the only things I can do to help are helping. I have no communication with my parents even though I know they’re doing what they can to help I just feel like they can’t understand what’s going through my head, probably cause Not even I can. I do absolutely horribly in school cause I can’t even bring myself to do any work no matter how hard I try and I know I only have two years of high school left and then I escape from this hell but even then, what’s after that? My brain can’t even think that far it just feels like it’s frozen, helpless, hopeless. I worry myself with waking up each morning only to thinking what’s even the point. I can’t brinf myself to a conclusion of what’s going on with me, can anyone ?

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Sorry to hear how you are feeling!

Coming on this forum shows that you have the strength to get help.

I would go to your doctor and try different AD until you find the right one for you, they can really help!

Best wishes



You just put into words what i'm feeling, i also have only two years left but they feel like they are the worst. my grades are awful even tho i'm smart, i'm struggling with depression, i had panic attacks in the beginning of the year because i couldn't cope with all the stress. And i have this really bad thoughts about suicide and that all this is not real. I just started going to a therapist and she said that i'm having depression among other things. And from what i've read and what i feel. Depression is like a parasite that feeds on your energy, on your happiness, and pride leaving an empty shell. I hope this helps you relate and understand that you're not alone in this, i'm also gonna tell you what i wish someone would tell me, everything's gonna be ok, you gonna be fine, you gonna survive these two years and even if you don't do good enough, there will always be something to do with you life. and if you ever wanna talk to someone i'm here.


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