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I'm Always feeling down and feel like I have no place in this world (depression)

Hi to whoever will read this I'm 17 and am always feeling down and like no one would care if I just died tomorrow and I'm really struggling to find anything to do to motivate me and make me feel better. On top of that it feels like I'm always having to go through that hard life due to my dyslexia so I struggle with the courses my work put me on and if/when I fail my exams I always get shouted at and I just end up feeling more and more worthless in life. feels like I'm always on a bad spring on luck which is never ending and then I get really frustrated at people and start shouting at them and punching/braking things which makes me feel like I have anger issues as well, please can anyone give me and reassurance it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks ProPhynx

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Hello phynxpro and welcome to our Community.

I am sorry you are having a really tough time at the moment.

Have you explained to your employer the difficulty you are having with the courses and exams because of your dyslexia. I am not sure which country you live in or whether the courses are held in-house or at a local college. Could you ask for extra help with your courses/exams because of your dyslexia. Most colleges here in the UK offer support for students with Dyslexia.

There is no excuse for people who shout at you. They may not understand the problems you have with Dyslexia but it is not helpful to you. It will have a negative effect on your confidence, self-esteem, and will act as a de-motivator. I am not surprised you feel frustrated, resulting in you shouting at people and expressing your frustration/anger by punching and breaking things. A more positive way of channelling your anger may be perhaps to punch a cushion or a pillow. Give it a try.

It seems like your mood is very low. Do you have any family or close friends you can talk to for support? phynxpro please make an appointment to see your Doctor as soon as possible to talk about how you are feeling and the difficulties you are having. Take a copy of this post with you if you are concerned you may forget something. Your Doctor will be able to refer you for relevant support to help lift your mood and help improve your confidence and self-esteem.

We are here to support you in any way we can. Take care,


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Hi phynxpro welcome aboard

So sorry you are feeling this way my heart goes out to you it really does

Theres nothing worse than feeling the way you do and feeling so low at the same time.

Maybe you should talk to a family member , a gp, a health professional or you could contact the BDA support group association (british dyslexic association) thats if you are in the uk ?

Your hitting out and angry because you are frustrated its easier said than done but try not to get too irritated have you even tried talking to your boss and explaining the way you feel work places are meant to have support for you..in the meantime if you want to talk to someone about your dyslexia we have a group on here who will also be able to support you aswell the address is below I do hope you get the support you need please let us know your progress take care




Hi phynxpro. I’ve read your post and I so understand how it feels. Especially at your age it’s hard. It’s not a sign of a weakness if you ask for support from someone. Everyone needs that every now and then. Could anyone around support you and listen to you? Sometimes saying what you feel out loud (however crazy that sounds) or writing things down helps. Do you have any interests or passions? What gives you pleasure and a sense of achievement? One of our needs is a sense of purpose and achievement. It doesn’t have to be anything big but something big enough for you. When I have very low days I note down my achievements and praise myself for doing even the smallest of tasks (getting out of bed and brushing my hair). If you focus on what you can do rather than what you can, you may see that you will feel better. Try at least. If you don’t like to write- record it or draw a picture of it. You are not alone in this world. Present is not permanent




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