Hello, i have an ongoing mental issue that is tearing my life apart. I was abused as a young boy and it seems now that the experience is really starting to affect my life. I used to be able to block it out, but now i am drinking excessively and acting like a complete idiot more often than not. I have a good life, a great job, a beautiful wife, fabulous children and step children, beautiful grandchildren​ and not much to worry about. But i cant seem to get myself under control. I will lose everything if this carries on and i dont know where to turn.

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  • So sorry to hear this. I have also struggled with depression. The meds they gave me really did a number on me and I heard voices. The medication caused me to have panic attacks so of course I do not take it any longer. I do not have medical insurance so I had to quit my dr visits and I have good and bad days but I do alot of self talking and it seems to have helped.i am also dealing with a situation that is breaking my heart. Two people that I love dearly are struggling with a mental disorder the husband is experiencing and it has been very scary, exhausting, and totally shocking to witness. It has changed everybody that loves him in a sad and unexplainable way. PLease I ask you to kindly say a prayer for him and the family. Thank you for sharing your story. Sending you love and happiness from Utah.

  • hi, please go and see you're GP no need to suffer and no shame in asking for help I've been though the same it still with me today I've suffered mental health issues too I've never told a doctor I thought I would have taken this to the grave with me but told my partner of 28 yrs he took it really well but I had a breakdown and still trying to get over it remember we are not alone you need to tell someone about it you don't need to go in to detail I didn't I here if you want to talk.

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