The last time I was signed off was 2014 it was really hard financially and mentally. I felt at times I just wasn t ready to go back but I had no choice due to money problems.

But now since working at my current job it's been really hard. You have people there who doesn't want to do much or nothing at all. You have people who takes the absolute biscuit and making it hard for other people like myself

You also have managers doing sod all, then has the nerve and say "we are not pulling our weight" or "we are not going fast enough" or "you need to work as a team ". And of course that puts stress on sales assistants like myself.

I'm trying my absolute best to keep it together. I've lost count how many times I just wanted to cry I've been very close on a few occasions either walking out but that means NO MONEY. Or going to the doctor's and asking them to sign me off

I've come THIS far in not being signed off. I don't really want to go that road again, don't know what to do my head is hurting me I'm frustrated at myself that I can't do it. And confused in why I'm not coping as well I would like to do. Few times I wanted to which I haven't done in ages I guess it's a plus for me lol is self harming. 😐😐😐😐

Thought if I was signed off I can use that time to job hunt and too clear my head. So don't know what to do 😐😐😐😐😐😐

Well anyway thanks for listening guys, hope everyone is well and doing good xxxxxxxxx

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