I have been mentally ill all my life and started medication when I was 16 years old, I am now nearly 50 years old and have taken every tablet there is to take, tried every so called therapy there is and if anything I am more Ill now than I have ever been, I am very suicidal, I have no one in my life I can talk to, the medication never worked so I have just given up. I don't have the courage to take my own life yet I have achieved nothing, contributed nothing, my life is pointless. Why was I born? I was born to suffer all my life and I still am none the wiser as to why! Perhaps this existence is hell for me at least. I just wanted people to know that there is no help for the mentally ill anywhere in the UK, and if your in Wales then know you are punished for being mentally ill, I myself have been imprisoned because I was very ill and psychoses out calling the Dr a name. I was imprisoned for 5 months 2 in solitary for telling a so called professional how chap she was at her job.. Do not expect any help in Wales. just try and stay off the radar or find yourself in prison.

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  • There is the natural realm ie what we see and our circumstances and the spiritual realm and it is because of the latter you suffer so much. Medication is really I would say 50% of the solution, it is changes in your character that need refining for the other 50%.

    You don't mention God at all in your statement, and I have no doubt it is he who keeps you going as he does me and thousands of others who suffer in the same way- merely his very name is enough for you to keep going. God doesn't do everything though, you need to form a partnership with him, this is how he works

    The points you make about pointlessness strongly suggest you are not thinking humbly enough, think much smaller/expect less and you will find content in that

    I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this one

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