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Confused to who I am


Im 54 and it feels like the last 10 years of my life have just been a blur of nothingness. I have family but nobody to talk to. I have loads of so called friends but no one to talk to.

I have always come across as somebody thats fine thanks, but in reality I am so far from fine. I am scared most days/nights and have never felt so alone as I do right now.

I dont even know who I am anymore.

Can anyone out there be a real person for me to talk to? a real friend?

I hope so.

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hi, i'm nowhere near qualified to talk about possible solutions, i'm no egghead, but what i will say is that you should take a look around you and take solace in the fact you have got friends and family, they obviously know you and i guarantee your friends want to keep it that way (otherwise they wouldn't be your friends) .

i would recommend you try some new hobbies and pass-times. at your age im sure you have experienced many wonders in the past and shrugged them off as one time events. hell, you may have been kayaking on a river somewhere on holiday and enjoyed it, but now is your chance to really reflect on the past and pick out the moments you enjoyed.

some you cant recreate and some you shouldn't, but there will be a few activities that you can retry and some that you can give a go for the first time.

time only flys' by because you let it.

i have been emotionally alone for the past 8 years of my life, i just try to take solace in myself, be the man i want to be with. because when you are, then people with similar interests will try to involve themselves in you

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Thank you so much for the reply. Your right I have never looked at it like that before.. I think I spend a lot of time, maybe to much time on my own and wollow in my own self pity.. It's time to kick but..


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