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How to overcome depression and stressed..


Im new on this page,I've been stressed and depressed for a month now,I don't really know what to do, i can't talk to my family and friends about it.I just moved here in US last july and get married to my fiancé, i thought everything is gonna b fine,coz im with the man i love ,but i dont know i started feeling depressed and stressed and no peace of mind.New place new people i dont have any friends and family here and i cant really talk about my situation.Its started when my husband cant really quit smoking weed,i really hate cigarettes and weed.Its hurt me a lot coz he promised he's gonna quit but i found out when if he's with his friends he's doing it.Thats why i told him he need to stop hanging out with his friend.I really want him to stop smoking weed.I dont really know what to do ,just crying inside my heart..Im a happy person but now i change a lot..Just always pretending to my friend im fine..I don't have anybody here to talk about it so i decided to join this page ...

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Wow you are so alone. I'm sorry you feel like me. Crying in your heart is a perfect description. I put off the doctor again but l gotta go. My wife does not care how l feel. Hurts me every day almost as her raging hormones make her happy to rage at me so l can't go to her. She left me 4 times so far with two kids but l got her back somehow. Last night it was cause l threw out the left over peas. I had to run to the store!!! Maybe since your hubby is normal you can go to him. And a doctor. There are so many Meds to choose from. Lithium is one l have not tried but want to. Let me know how it goes.

A fellow sufferer. Ron

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Hi thanks for your reply ,its make me feel better,actually im scared trying medication but if i cant feel any better by people advice mayb i will try ur suggested medication..I really appreciate ur help ..May God bless you and wishes u all the best.Pray for ur family...

Hello there Figther26

A very warm welcome to our Community. I'm so pleased you've found us and I'm sure you will find lots of friendly support here.

It sounds like a very difficult situation for you. Moving and getting used to a new area and people can feel very isolating and I hope you manage to make some friends soon, but remember we're here for you ad there is always someone to chat to :-)



Hello Figther,

Goodness, that is a lot of big changes. Your recent marriage, new home in a new area, I can understand why you are feeling depressed. Especially as you do not have family and friends close by. Do you feel you will be able to confide in a close friend where you used to live?

It does take time to build new friendships. Is there anyone at work you can meet for coffee maybe?

I understand you would like your husband to give up smoking cigarettes and weed. These are highly addictive and your husband has to really want to give them up to succeed. He may need help with nicotine replacement products. Here in the UK we can see our doctor for help in quitting smoking. Maybe you could sit down with your husband and talk about how he feels about quitting. If he is not ready to quit could you perhaps agree on a place inside or outside the home where he can smoke.

Keep posting, we are always here.

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Thanks a lot..I really appreciate ur msg.God bless and best wishes...

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You are welcome and best wishes to you too,

Love and blessings, Lottie x

Hey it's ok! That's a lot of changes to go through and it takes time to make a friends and a life when you move. When you grocery shop, hit the mall, eat at a diner, don't be afraid to create small talk. Strangers can be the best conversations, and they have a way of saying something you need to hear. How old are you and how long did you know your husband before you moved here? Relationships are all about compromise and communication. I just recently quit smoking weed(smoked from 17-28) and it's not easy. I used weed to expand my mind, relax, socialize, bond, and I thought it helped my depression. It didn't, it only added to it. It is addicting and it becomes your hobby. Talk to your husband about why he smokes weed and how often he does it. It's expensive, you act different on it, the smell. You gotta pick and choose your battles, and if this is really serious to you then you gotta be supportive and help him quit. If he only does it once in awhile or a couple times a week, would you rather him drink? Do you have a job? What do you like? You can google things in your area and see if anything interests you. There's so many ppl wanting friends just like you! It hurts you more to pretend everything is fine, you gotta allow it to show and share it. You might be surprised by your family and friends at home, they probably know exactly what to say to help!

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