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Hi all,

So I'm not sure if I do have depression, it's not something I have ever thought I would go through myself. A bit of background, I am 24 I am currently going through a divorce, I'm raising my 2 children with very little help, my family had me move from the other side of the country to be near them, but we never see any of them or included in family dinners, I'm only invited to their wedding cz of who I am not because I'm wanted there. I lost my last job due to not having anyone to help me with the children evening/weekends (I worked in a kitchen). I have found myself a new parter who has made me so happy, but he lives in London where I am up in Manchester. I am moving to London in July and the children will be moving in with their dad, as to be completely honest I can't cope with the children.

I feel so alone and empty all the time, I feel like crying, I'm always very tired and loose my temper. I feel like I'm faking a smile around family having to pretend that I'm happy. The only time I am genuinely happy is with my partner. Don't get me wrong I love my children but I feel burdened by them.

I don't want to go to my GP and get laughed at...told to grow up get on with it...I would like some advice before going please

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  • No GP worth his salt should ever tell a patient that. They usually ask some questions like has your sleeping pattern changed, do you have difficulty concentrating, to assess whether its depression or stress,and if its depression to get some sort of measure of it.

  • hi your experiencing a lot in life just now and its bound to take its seems to be dealing you a bad hand at the moment but with help from your doctor you will recover a stronger and better seems a lot giving up your kids and moving to London maybe you rethink that man or woman is worth more than your kids.confind your thoughts to your mum when alone or a close friend.ive felt the same as you before but I try harder everyday to make life better.rethink your whole situation because it could change your life forever.

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