Just Another Generic Depression Post

So as you can tell from the title, I'm depressed. Everything seems both boring and pointless, to the point where I honestly can't care if I manage to get through life or not. I can't find anything to interest me long enough to be counted as a hobby, so I've spent most of my time being bored. Hell, the only thing I take my time to do is just an escape from reality. I've contemplated suicide, but couldn't go through with it because it would leave my family sad. I'm just depressed, not emotionless. For god's sake, I haven't even graduated from high school yet, I shouldn't have to be dealing with this kind of stuff. I should be living my care free high school life with my friends and family, enjoying the little things and working towards my dream job! Instead I have no dreams and can only see myself dying in a gutter alone, cold, and hungry, and I don't even care. What am I supposed to do about this? I can't tell my family, as they'll put me in counseling, and that won't help. Maybe I'll find something to interest me enough that I'll try a bit.

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  • I was like you in high school. I didn't see the point in anything because we're all going to die anyways. I was depressed. Now I believe in God and I really want Him to look at me in Heaven and say "well done!" That's what motivates me.

  • Hi mate, I'm very familiar with the feelings you describe. Are you able to talk to friends about this? I understand you not wanting to tell your family but it might benefit you to tell them some of these feelings (probably best to leave out the suicidal thoughts bit) Maybe just explain that you're struggling to find motivation but you don't know why, that kind of thing. Sometimes saying these things out loud to someone else can help. I'd love to be able to give you some solid advice that would actually help, then I could take it myself! But you're not alone feeling like that mate. Talk to people you trust is the only advice I have. Take care.

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