What's the logical point to life?

One can deduce that life's ultimate purpose is to gain and spread information. Ok I just answered the title of the post. However, let's dive just a bit further.

I can't seem to find a true passion or desire. No, I am not depressed, and yes, I do spend a lot of thought pondering on what can be done. I am somewhat limited on my day to day activities because I am responsible for the care of a quadriplegic whom is my girlfriend. I knew her before the car accident (of which was caused by someone else who gives no remorse for her actions). The thought of fixing her is so challenging it seems highly exciting. But gaining the lab equipment to conduct experiments starts out at 5 grand and reaches to the millions of dollars. Being only 22 the money is not easily acquired. Pursuing college to get access to the lab and research team is a decade of effort, and I have already lowered my GPA to a point no institution will take me seriously. This is not because of slow learning or lack of intelligence; it is because I have no interest in frivolous classes like american history and other things grade school has already forced me to cover.

So, the predicament remains: what can I do that is interesting or that carries some importance? I'm certain the Christopher Reeve Foundation will start producing spinal stimulators before I get the chance to create something myself. What is there that I can create? I like music. I like writing. I like plants. I like drugs. I like a lot of things. But none of them passionately. This inability to find any sort of passion or true point to anything bothers me, and it is one of the two things I can't wrap my brain around. The other being how one can escape duality. Any thoughts or questions are welcomed.

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  • From a biological standpoint, the point of life is to make more life isn't it? It's us that have the ability to gain information and spread it, it's to our advantage that it happens. Life doesn't care much about it, if it helps more life spread, sure, but if you don't need it to spread life, life doesn't care. We just happened to become a form of life where it was advantageous to spread knowledge.

  • Does it need a point? Personally I lllloooove pointless stuff! We are so geared towards and achievement, results, validation, materialism, why not just because :-).

    I love objects that have no point other than to bring you pleasure. The only real point I can see to live is for the experience, we born, we die, we are born again, we die, have some nice chats, help out along the way...die....lol. Nothing I do has not been done before, history endlessly repeats itself, life repeats itself....I think we are here for the ride, good, bad or indifferent and if we can help someone or people in the process so much the better.

    My favourite shop is Reggie Perrins Grot Shop...genius :-)


  • The point to life is all dependant on the person themselves...i.e. what they want.

    Personally, the key is to never over complicate life than it needs to be. The point of life that I see is to do something for someone else and keep doing it for them and not becuase you are trying to gain a purpose from it for yourself. that someone could be someone you love, someone very dear like family. To not question the future or worry about it since we have no control over what is around the corner but to live and cherish the life we have at the moment. You could the cherish life by being with someone or spending time fulfilling an interest or hobby. you will eventually find that life is a balancing act that makes a person feel complete. an example like spiritual and social balance, balance of caring for someone and caring for yourself, helping fullfill someone's else's dream whilst fulfilling yours. with a partner that balance is achieved when one selflessly does something for them and vice versa.

    After depression I found that my happiness and meaning to life is doing something for someone else and when they smile, that is my reward. I fulfill my interest of gardening and growing plants from seeds. I grow a few more and give them to others who are keen gardeners and I don't expect anything from anyone, gratitude or gift, as with expectations comes the possibility of disappointments so never expect anything. With this in mind my life is pretty content and happy.

  • All true to some degree. From a wood louse to a human or even the source of everything I.e. God, every creature expands, grows, and gains experience through time. Life creates more life to pass along knowledge to it. Whether it be a gene mutation that allows for betterment of the species or a new trick to obtain food for survival, it's all information. The end result is omnipotence, but what is it all good for in the end? A supreme consciousness that can create and maintain an entire universes like ours? If the aforementioned is valid, then what is the true point of infinity? I can't seem to grasp the concept.

    Sure in my life helping others or growing plants can pass my time on Earth with a positive feeling in my heart, but I must create something new into the universe if I am to feel my time is not wasted. I just do not know what I should create because there are so many options, and my passion for things is diminished do to this reason.

  • don't worry about it is the key and your time is never wasted. don't feel that just because you have not created something that your life is meaningless or wasted. you may create something but the world may not want to know, how will you feel if they don't respond? there's so much more to life.

    Its not knowledge that this world is all about. With all the religions of the world and knowledge put together, humanity is still back at square one and will always be, I could go on why this is but I will end up going off topic.

    If at the end you do want to create something then lets start close to home. Make a gift for your other half for her birthday or valentines day. in turn you will discover a new skill and you will make her day and see how happy she will be. It won't be knowledge you can pass on but it's your own personal journey of discovery.

  • I have been asking myself this since i was 17 years of age, ever since i delved into the realms of aldous huxley and halluciongenics. there has to be a further meaning for our purpose, whether it be spiritual or physical there has to be something. it's finding that something that is the difficult part as we as a race are all unique and different. in time you'll find answers and they will go on to answer the main answer. there is no blanket meaning as that would make life mundane, we often ask questions for questions sake and one of those questions is whats the meaning whats the point and so forth. I'd personally say find a happy medium i can see me and you have extremely similar interests. i hope you can find the answers you seek.

  • I guess the point of life is the pursuit of happiness. I've wondered though: if we are not able to know our purpose, then under what context is this result needed? Who requires this to be the case? Whether or not it is ourselves as the creator wanting itself to experience the creation of duality inevitably or a smaller mind than the source's that's experimenting on the mammalian intellect, we, as this particular entity, may never know completely.

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