2lbs gone x

I lost 2lb this week which lm happy with, small steps for me!!! Im still waiting for my blood test results the receptionist said she hadnt reported on it yet. If it had been terrible l would of had a call so lm not worried, yet!!!! I had a potential moment yesterday l woke up and immediately went on a crisp hunt and l know that if l had found them l would of scoffed the lot, what the hell was that all about????? There was no build up or craving just straight to binge mode???? And believe me no one would of stopped me eating crisps, it felt like l was possessed by another person.Im not struggling but l am, does this makes sense.lm eating well and enjoying the grub but lm still feeling l want/need rubbish foods. I have used and abused food for so long and its very very hard to cope without it x lve had a lovely tea and lm feeling better already from not constantly consuming high fat sugary salt foods which is a nice feeling x but it l still want the stodge and crap xx

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  • Well done on your weight loss! fantastic achievement. The problem with junk food is that it has additives in it that tricks your brain into wanting more, plus it tasted so good! We've all been there. Just remember that to cut it out completely makes it "forbidden" and so you crave it more. If you're calorie counting, get in some lower calorie crisps that are small and a lot of them- French fries are great- and allow yourself a treat time at 7pm when you can happily chomp on 2 packets for under 200 calories and know it's allowed! Also, a trick I got from Slimming world- buy 2 packs of lard, put them into a sealed bag, squash it up, and keep it in the fridge- get it out and hold/feel it on bad days. It's an amazing reminder of the weight you've lost already when you feel the need to binge- eww!! lol

    good luck, let us know how you get on! You can do it!!

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