hi im new to this and just kinda looking for some help, ive been struggling with depression for years now and never got the help i needed as i was always told that people with mental health problems are weak and just need to "stop attention seeking" so ive never really spoke to anybody about this, I think i may have bipolar i have been doing a lot of research and a lot of my dads side of the family (who i dont see) have bipolar and im 90% sure i do, i went to the doctors they told me they would get me help and have put me on a online course to help deal with stress but its not helping at all and im getting a lot worse im not really sure how i can get the help i need as im only 17 and doctors dont want to put me on medication due to my age.

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  • I would talk to a therapist if u can. I had been in therapy where I did a written evaluation to give a specific diagnosis. I have taken anti depressants when was younger but don't think they worked as I felt numb all the time. Cognitive therapy is what they use to treat it. Look it up online. Very interesting.

  • Hi There, never try to self diagnose any health issue yourself, let the health professionals do this. self diagnosing will only elevate your stress and worry. people who don't understand mental health will say the "attention seeking" statement so don't look into it too much, just keep your distance from those people.

    You're quite young so try to build a good circle of trustworthy friends that you can enjoy time with to lift you out of the stress and maybe low mood you feel. I've always heard that time at university (if you choose to go) was their best time ever and at that age you develop your social skills which help later on in life.

    Do you have a family member who can help you support through your difficult time, maybe someone you can confide to and trust? therapy is a good thing, even if its just talking, especially counselling and later on CBT. they will listen to you and advise on how you can approach a particular situation differently and 90% of the time its your effort to practise and change the way you look into things and think about them and making it a normal cycle of thinking. this will also help knock down any mental barriers that exist in your mind.

    Don't forget that when you come to an age that GP gives you medication, just remember that they are only a temporary fix until you get on your feet, try not to rely on them on a long term basis.

    Trust me people who have a mental health issues and disabilities are not weak. There are people out there who have battled depression and come out stronger than ever and they are living proof it can be done and they are not weak. people's ignorance is their weakest link.

  • I know the feeling. Let me tell you that you are not weak - that you are much stronger than you think you are. This is something I have come to realise in myself through my own "ordeals". But you don't have to take my word for it, a part of you already knows it very well.

    Feeling supported by friends and family is a great help, but sometimes it can feel like they're a source of frustration in those moments when you feel they don't understand you or what you're going through. This is OK - they're doing the best they can given their own experiences and beliefs. Remembering this helped me get through those moments of frustration.

    Recognising that the power to change and be who I want to be is something that needs to come from me - that change comes from within - was also a great step for me.

    Here's a little technique I use whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or notice something "negative" (which it's not, really). I stop for a few seconds, allow myself to feel the feelings fully and accept myself as I am in this moment. I recognise that the feelings are trying to tell me something; that in their own way they are trying to help. I don't need to analyze them or mentally understand them - just acknowledge and accept them. This usually helps a lot.

    You might also be interested in googling "EFT" (Emotional Freedom Technique). It can be very effective too. (There are plenty of free resources out there)

    These are of course my own recommendations that formed part of my own path, but I know that each of us is different, and that we deal with things in different ways. Trust your own path - however you choose to deal with it, that's fine. Maybe it'll share some similarities with my own journey, maybe it'll be a completely different one. Whatever it is, I honour you.

    Much love your way.

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