The lonely, single parent

Just had to let you fathers (and mothers) out there know that when you leave a family that you have created, it is very hard for a single mother (father) to raise a child alone without the father (mother) in the house. I've done it twice and both daughters are grown now. It was not easy and many times I needed their father there and so did their daughter(s). I had many decisions to make where I needed the father's help and didn't always make the right decision. It's even worse when the father disappears and never makes contact with the child. And when the father pays child support, it is not enough, he has to be there physically and emotionally for the child. I always wondered what was wrong with me and what did I do wrong but there are so many of us single parents that it can't be just me. Something died in my heart years ago and now there is no trust. I have no interest in sex because to me it only means that you only get left to raise a child alone.

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  • It's such a tragedy when men work so hard to pay their child support and can't even be with their families.

  • Iam a qualified therapist in anger management, bullying therapy and CBT. You contact me on fb tina maria mahoney. If you would like to chat on here its fine but confidential information I will not allow others to see.

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