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hey, I am 14 years old and I have been suffering with depression for months and recently started self harming now and I am the sort of person that can't talk about feelings, and I keep telling myself that things are going to get better even though I know things wont.

Things with my school life is getting worse as I keep letting things build up inside me, my behaviour is just going down hill and I am finding my self in a lot of trouble, I tend to just run away from my problems and everything just builds up. I find my self wanting to spend as little time as possible with my friends and rather just isolate my self from everyone.

I can't sleep properly at night and sometimes I don't even get to sleep.

I just think i am completely worthless and that there isn't any need for me to be here anymore, i feel as though that i let myself and my family down all the time, i always feel as though life would be a lot easier for people if i wasn't here.

there is just so much more i just feel that i cant explain myself.

but its got to a point now, where i feel that i cant go on anymore, my arm is full up of cuts that i hide from my family, but now i just need help. i finally admit i need help.

how do i tell someone i need help, like face to face???

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Hi, I know exactly where you're coming from: feeling hopeless and unnecessary. This sounds corny and a cliche, but things will get better. Try coping mechanisms such as what you enjoy and what helps you to relax. If talking to someone you know doesn't appeal, there must be a pastoral or counselling support service at your school, and going on the Child Line website, setting up an account which is free and emailing one of the Child Line counsellors helps a great deal. You have a great life ahead of you. Try talking to some one you know and trust once you feel brave enough, it really does help. When I was at the point of where you are now in my life, I often felt like killing myself, I am now in an apprenticeship that I enjoy. You have taken the very brave first step of asking for help, there is no shame or weakness in needing help. No matter how hopeless you feel, there is ALWAYS hope. Explaining the situation to a teacher or someone at school who you trust will help. God bless, may you be provided with the love, light and guidance necessary to get through this. You are not the only one.

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I'm really sorry for what you're going through. Depression can be the worst thing in the world and I've been in your position. The idea that you can't tell anyone is horrific and I dwelled on that point for months. The easiest way to tell a person may seem a little cowardly but it may be the only way. I just told my friend by text one evening, they offered to take me to the hospital and get me some help. So I would suggest confiding in your best friend and working from there. It may seem unfair to not tell your family but it is hard so when you do go to the doctor ask them how to approach your family and they may be able to help you.

Unfortunately you are younger than 16 therefore you are required to have an adult with your at medical appointments so even if your most trusted teacher tells your parents.

The main thing to remember is that you are not alone. You are one amongst many of people in the same situation, talk to us, we know what you're going through.

Good luck,

Thomas :)


thank you, it means a lot, it really does :)


You can go to the doctor at 14 with out your parents knowing just make an appointment and they will help you


Hi ,

I read your message and thought how well you managed to explain how you are feeling in writing!

Have you ever tried writing a letter explaining how you are feeling and giving it to the doctor to read when you go into the appointment, this way it can help you through the most difficult part of opening up for the first time.

You need help from professional people and from people who can help you build your confidence and self esteem, there may be a reason for you feeling depressed or it may be just the depression making you feel like this.

You can get better but you have to take the steps to get the help you need. and you have already taken one this one! well done.

My son went through a very difficult time at your age and opened up to his school councillor and doctor the samaritans and then me, he was prescribed some mild anti depressants and researched self help on line.

he also had trouble sleeping and all his worries come to him when he tried to sleep. he has once or twice called the samaritans late at night and spoken to them for a long time this helped him a lot.

He is almost 18 now and attending college, he looks back now and sees how much things have changed for the better.

I wish you all the best and believe you can start making positive changes to benefit you.


sorry, I have only just seen this and thank you this means a lot, the help you have just given me :) also I have never tried writing a letter of my feelings to give to someone for them to then help, and I think that, that is a good idea and I will try to do that, I really do need to get help, because I feel as though my life I falling apart bit by bit and I feel as though I cant really go on anymore, so thank you that you have took the time to reply and help me :)


Hi. How are you today ?


By the way you are not worthless and you do matter and a lot of people do care even if they don't know you.


Hey im 14 too! And i dont believe people are age should be going through this its too tough for one person to take! Letting things build up inside you isnt so good you must learn to let it out talk to the most closest person to you and tell them how you feel.. i know you cut yourself cause the pain inside hurts more! But theres a difference the pain inside dosnt show cuts do! Dont hurt yourself because you think its the only way. Your family are there for a reason talk to them tell them how YOU feel they will understand they will help you they love you .I learnt that being alone is nice having no one around you is a rly good feeling but i also learnt having friends with you is even more better more important they listen to you they make jokes with you and most of all they dont make you feel outside friends are family dont ever cut yourself off from your family or friends they are the most powerful source of medicine/help there is you dont need help your not crazy you just need to talk it out and be loved ! 1 cut isnt just a pain for u! it will affect your family and friends to know what you have been through your hurting them as much as your hurting yourself think about that okay? And i bless you good luck in life i have high hopes!


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