I'm feeling very confused about whether or not I am suffering from depression. I am 23, female and work with children in a stressful environment (although there are some fun days!).

I am constantly tired, very often feel down about my job, often feel like I'm not doing enough, I've had some thoughts of suicide - although I would never ever act on these. Away from work I feel down quite often, my friends and colleagues have commented on it often and the general comment is that I should just 'cheer up' and 'stop being so miserable'. I often spend my free time at work shut away in my work area because I don't want to force being happy around people when I'm not.

I'm scared to register with a doctor and get a proper test as a lot of the children I work with live in the same area as me and I don't want to see them.

All in all, I am nearly 24 and have felt this way since 6th form. I always thought I would be happier the more I achieved, degree and a good job etc but I'm much the same.

Any thoughts?

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  • Hi there, the best advice is to see your GP. and don't feel afraid to do so. you don't need to be worried what others might think if they see you there. use an excuse like joint or muscular pain. the GP will do a questionnaire and you are advised to answer them as truthfully as possible. based on the outcome your GP can tell you how severe your depression is or if you have it or not. I can understand if you feel dissatisfied about your job or achievements but the best way to get around this is to talk to others on how they manage their work life versus the satisfaction factor or if they feel money or education is key to a happier life. that will give you a better perspective on life and career. if you feel you'd like to do a degree then what is stopping you? do some research and see what are your options and whether you can do a degree part time and what are the costs and if based on your salary you can get a grant (not sure if they are still around). citizen advice bureau can advise you on these matters and if not they can tell you who is best to do so.

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