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I'm feeling beyond help!!! I miss my sister I have postnatal and my daughter as left to live with her dad in a teenage strop

I have suffered with depression for over 5 years it started after my sister died shortly after I'd had my 2nd child for a long time I was the strength the family needed but once they all seemed to heal I found I hadn't I had become very poorly with depression. After a couple of years I seem to have defeated it bit is back with a vengeance I know hAve a 3rd child. My heart and stomach feel like they are ready to explode I don't wanna get up leave the house or even conversate. This is the most awful pain and sadness and my medication isn't helping. I dread the morning coming because it's another day living in this hell. I can't keep living like this but I want my children to grow up with a happy healthy mum xx

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Hi I have suffered severe depression and anxiety for 4 years now and from experience you must go to your Doctor and tell them exactly the truth about how you are feeling your thoughts and that the medication is not working. Take each day as it comes and deal with it best you can, I promise with patience you can feel better. Be kind to yourself and write down every thing you do cooking,cleaning, shopping even getting out of bed. Think positive thoughts and ignore the negative as this will only make you feel worse. Hope this helps take care.


I am currently taking sertraline buspirone sleeping tablets I feel just as bad as when I started takin them if not worse. I've got counselling starting next week but I'm not feeling hopeful for that. I feel so useless I've ha to take time off work so I'm not bringing any money in my husband is fine with this is says we'll manage but it make me feel like I've failed again I can't stop feeling like I've failed in everything. I'm going to try writing down what I do actually do in a day and point out to myself that I am Doing something positive. Sorry if this sounds like a loud of rambling dribble that's one thing I am good at!! Thanks


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