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Itchy backside.

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Hi all. Been on here for this but now I'm losing mind. everyday rectal itching! . In , around on even now crept onto top of my vagina. I camt stop scratching. It's been 6 yrs of this. Feels chronic urge to itch, something wriggling not did parssite testing. Seen drs done every cream and stool test amd yet to do microbiome but will this ever end????

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It sounds as though you’ve had extensive testing...Dealing with constant itch must be frustrating..

🤔Sometimes an itch can be caused by Candidiasis..and linked to yeast, carbohydrates and sugar intake..and can take some tracking down.

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Contra21 in reply to wobblybee

6 yrs long? Testing is so expensive but saving

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to Contra21

I ‘ve had my own struggles identifying a condition and yes it took more years than I care to mention, along with a misdiagnosis to muddy the waters..Keep going back if you get no relief..

have you seen a dermatology specialist? or menopausal specialist? My misdiagnosed thrush turned out to be lichen sclerosis. Definitely much better with treatment.

Menopausal, im only 39. A dermatologist can help? Even if the itching it internal?

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moo196 in reply to Contra21

you may want to ask at least.

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Redsunset55 in reply to Contra21

Yes my mum started at 32

When I have a harder stool, I sometimes feel as slight tearing even if there is no blood or anything. Then, for some time after that, I will find a lot of itching that does go up my perineum to the vaginal opening. I am not sure why that sensation travels so far but I have read that , if there is slight abrasion or cut, stool getting in it can cause a lot of itching and irritation. Also, I find sometimes that I can have some very loose stool that will just leak out a little bit after I have gone to the bathroom. Nothing much to cause any embarrassment or anything - just enough that if I wipe the game later, there is some residue.. My physician said that the sphincter muscle just gets a little weaker as you get older. I realize you are young but I am still wondering if this is a possible cause. I use a travel bidet which I bought from Amazon to help clean myself up. Also important to dry well, as dampness can cause yeast infection and that can be a source of itching. I seem to go through cycles of just what you are talking about. I find trying to keep my stool very soft with a high fibre diet, keeping myself clean with my travel bidet and dry helps a lot with this. Nevertheless, if I have a harder stool and feel a little split, that sets up a whole new cycle. It has been going on for a long time. I have read that lack of estrogen can affect the tissue there as well as lichen sclerosus. I am in my sixties so much older than you are. Nevertheless, I hit menopause at 44 so it's not impossible you are in a bit of a perimenopausal, With some dropping estrogen. Just some things to consider. Good luck with it. I know how irritating it is, both literally and figuratively.

I found this article helpful. Maybe you will too.

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